zarko zivkovic

zarko zivkovic

[schema type=”person” name=”Zarko Zivkovic” orgname=”Practical SEO” jobtitle=”SEO Strategist” url=”” description=”Zarko Zivkovic is the founder of Practical SEO and also works as senior SEO strategist at Dejan SEO” bday=”1983-09-17″ street=”Mostarska 37″ city=”Zajecar” postalcode=”19000″ country=”RS” email=”[email protected]” phone=”+381691709983″ ]┬áis an SEO Strategist. Simple as that…


Zarko has started his SEO career a few years back while working as a freelancer, as anyone working on the internet he stumbled upon SEO and found something of interest. Not much later he started working exclusively on SEO projects, which lead him to start Practical SEO in 2009 and start Practical SEO Blog a few months later.

After only 6 months of running Practical SEO Blog and doing SEO for small and mid sized companies he was hired by Dejan Petrovic as advanced link builder and link building team leader for Dejan SEO company.

Zarko now works full time as advanced SEO strategist and link builder for major companies. In his spare time he is a social media addict, blogger working on several sites of his own and pet lover, having a small zoo.

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