OK, so to get the spammers stumbling onto this post disappear, I will just say you will be disappointed with the content. We are not here to talk about mass profile links, so you can leave straight away. There is only one type of question for any type of link built, now, in 2012 and maybe even after, if Google doesn’t change anything major and links no longer matter. The question is, is this link valuable to the user and to the search engines, therefore, valuable to your website or blog? The same thing goes for profile links as well. But unlike other types of links, let’s say blog post links, where you can have 200 of them, profile links can bring great value, but only a few of them, and I will explain why.

So Google wants authority, freshness, relevance, all those things put together, and I am all for it, but until they actually implement that in a matter that will keep the spammers from showing up in top 10 I will think of it as guidelines and nothing more. But yeah, overall those three things are what matters for any type of link, blog post or profile, does it have authority, relevance and how fresh it is. Think about those question whenever you are about to acquire a link, any type of link at all. So let us translate that into profile talk.


Authority is hard to measure, that is a given, guys from Klout can tell you all about it. But overall even a noob can get a clue when visiting someone’s profile, and we are not talking about SEOmoz or niche community profiles here, most of the guys on such websites known their stuff, like I said, most of them do. But some general profiles 99% of us have are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now Google+ and maybe even Pinterest. When looking at each of them we can see what the person is about. Well, Facebook is more of a personal matter for most, our profiles are, FB pages are something different. But on LinkedIn , Twitter and Quora, it is easy to see what a person is about.

But seeing what a person is about and measuring the authority of that person is not that easy. For immediate purposes we can look at the follower count for most. The second stage is likes, shares, retweets and mentions, re-pins etc… That is what we need for our profiles to be seen as authority in our niche, or you can always go to Klout and check. If people like your stuff, share it because it’s insightful, tweet it and talk about you on social media that is amazing, that is great, that is what we want and no matter how you look at it, all that talk and authority gives you more value for your website than the single link you will get. People are important and your ability to drive those people to action, but, for some it’s always the hard road, talk to them about profile link building and get them to actually invest into social connections. Hope we convert at least one J


Relevance collides with authority. You need to have a topic to be authoritative, unless you are Graywolf, as of late he seems to be an authority on everything, but hey, he has been around long enough so he can afford to be a hater. So in most cases you will talk about one topic more than the others. On my Twitter profile I talk about SEO 60% I think and the rest of the topics vary from travel to my last meal, that’s normal. But most people that follow me follow me because of SEO, link building, social media and similar topics, which is what I want, as I want to be an authority on those topics which are relevant to my website.

It’s simple logic, if I talk about cooking all the time but link to a website about shoes something is off. The same goes for each and every of your profiles, well, at least if you want to get something out of those links, but as you go further down this post you will realize that profile links is not what we are talking about in here.


Fresh content, that is what Google wants. In other words, activity on your profiles, which is why most profile links have zero worth. Anyone can slap a link on a profile, it’s a 2 minute effort, so why would that link have a value, because the domain has authority? Wrong, the only reason why the link would have any value is if you are active on that site. Ask yourself this, on a social network that has several million users, thus having several million pages and more, how much will it take for your profile to be indexed, if indexed at all?

The only way to ensure that is to leave some breadcrumbs for Google bots to follow. You can do that by being active on that website. But if you are active for a month and then leave without ever coming back that link won’t matter either. So it comes down to a few websites and few profiles, trust me, that is all you need. Think of your major social profiles as your blogs, keep them active and interesting and they will do good for you, link is not necessary at all for them to be effective for your website.

As you can see freshness or activity is a crucial thing for profile links to have some merit to them and actually help you with your rankings. This is exactly why you can only count on a few profile links. You can build 500 profile links, but none of them will matter. Only the ones where you are active, where you contribute to your community will matter. So forget about any spam or low level link building methods, just concentrate on quality with everything you do content, networking, social media, link building, those are the things that really matter. Even comments can become something of quality if they give value to the post they refer to, so don’t comment for a link, never do that, comment only if you have something to say that actually matters. That way not only will you get the link, but you will also connect with someone and get more people to acknowledge you as authority and visit your blog, your social profiles, start following you and even create some promotional opportunities for you.

Even the smallest thing can grow into an amazing opportunity if you do things the right way. Keep that in mind in the following year and you will do just fine.