If you have a blog or a website you heard about SEO and probably asked what is SEO. Well that is not hard to answer; harder bit is to explain what SEO includes and how those things are implemented. Well to say it shortly SEO is a means to an end, the end being getting organic traffic from the search engines and link building efforts as well as social media promotion. But that only begins to explain what SEO is.

what is seoSo let’s look at SEO from the link building perspective. When asked what is SEO one of the things that is mentioned is link building, although some will argue that SEO includes only on page optimization, but that is far from reality. When looked at from the link building perspective SEO is much more than just creating a link from one website to link to yours. There is targeting to be considered, deep linking as well as various linking methods.

The first thing that one needs to do when creating a link building SEO campaign is to analyze the pages that rank and possible link bait and quality content pages. From that analysis the next step is to identify which pages need to be worked on, those may be some pages that already achieved a ranking for some keywords that may bring you potential traffic. Or those can be highly linkable pages that you want to rank for highly searched keywords, or the most important pages for conversions, but those two may be one and the same.

The most important part of link building in SEO is quite often neglected, and that is a good analysis of the linking targets. Most SEO’s will talk about link building methods, which is fine as there are so many methods to go for, depending on the nature of the website the number of linking methods may be endless. But nevertheless, the first and the most important part is identifying the right targets for linking, without it the link building campaign is more or less meaningless.

If you look at a random website that is not an authority you will most likely find one mistake that keeps repeating, and that is massive amount of backlinks pointing to the homepage. Some websites may benefit from this as the homepage is their conversion page, but for most websites homepage is not the ideal landing page. On the other hand if you look at an authority website you will see massive amounts of links pointing to all possible pages with or without anchor text, in other words, a natural link building profile. This type of profile has benefits and flaws, the benefits are the number of links and deep linking, the flaw is that you have no control over the anchor text of the links.

Well, even though you don’t have immediate control there is always link consolidation to be taken in account and by just sending a simple mail to the websites linking to yours you can get a great number of links corrected with the anchor text of your choosing, so natural link profile is what we should all aim for.

If you want to know what is SEO you have to invest time in learning, just like everything else, SEO is expanding and innovations keep popping up. You can’t rely on old school SEO anymore. So before you create your SEO plan and before you start with your link building campaign, make sure that you identify the most important landing pages on your site as well as the most important keywords to go for. Here is a short example of what and how to look for those pages and keywords:

Go to Google and type in the search box “site:yourwebsite.com” – This will give you a list of all indexed pages in Google.

The next step is to identify the most important pages, and we do that by identifying our landing pages important for our business and by looking up our rankings and search volumes for certain keywords. First find the landing pages without looking at the keywords at all. Next step is to identify which keywords are we ranking for and where we are ranked, which is fairly easy, just open up your webmaster tools and take a look at the search queries and average rankings. This may not be 100% accurate so do a manual search for those keywords or by using one of many ranking tools; you can try SEO for Firefox and their Rank Checker plugin.


So now you have your landing pages priorities and your rankings. You need to take the highest ranking pages, anything in top 100 is fine, unless you have a mass number of keywords in top 100 and look up the search volumes for those keywords. After that it is fairly easy to create a link building campaign, after all, if you opt for in house SEO there is no one who knows your website better than you do, so you will know which pages to go for first and what keyword to place as your priority.

Remember, this is just a part of your SEO plan. Link building is important, and trust me when I tell you, if you dedicate yourself to research and quality you can get the desired results with only a handful of quality links, no need to spend mass amounts of time on blog commenting and article marketing. Don’t get me wrong, all of that helps but first focus on the quality ones and work your way from top to the bottom, not the other way around. That answers what is SEO from the link building perspective, well, at least from my personal experience and my point of view. Research, research and quality implementation, that is what SEO is.