Ideas are thoughts or conceptions that exist in mind as a result of intellectual activity. They are the spirit of every creative development. Without ideas there will be no progress and human development ends. Behind every successful web development project came from a glint of idea which has been nurtured through a developing process.  Ideas can’t go anywhere unless they are recognized and work with those ideas.  They may start as a single spark of something special—but in order to work, they need to be polished. Indeed, the Eureka moment is only part of an extensive procedure that, if disregarded, will see most ideas simply die away.

Coming up with a good idea in every website development project is a tough task.  To generate an idea for your project you have to keep your senses perceive what is going on around you. Instead of dispassionately waiting for ideas to come and grab your attention, you should vigorously explore them in your everyday life. Eagerly grasp the concealed ideas in your daily experiences. Do not ignore the ideas around you, even if they try to hide from you. Play with ideas by letting them spring up in your mind in a nonsensical way. Never allow narrow thinking to impede the growth of your ideas. Be sure to record your ideas so that you will not forget them. Once you already have an idea, never let it go. Confine them permanently by writing them down. You should do it right away because some ideas can easily disappear within one minute or less. Creative and imaginative people apparently magic up ideas and bring brilliant solutions to the most intricate problems.

There is a brief at the beginning of most web development projects. There are times that these briefs are not brief. Instead of giving you direction it only leads you to confusion.  When you receive a brief try to figure out the core problem, and rewrite and use it as an idea brief to guide your web development process.

For example:

We need to catch the attention of people to switch to solar panels.

This simple sentence is the problem you have to deal with and should be used as a guide throughout idea generation.

After you have come up with an idea brief, you have to develop it. You need to improve that idea and materialize it. And this could be done by a team who works cooperatively with dedication and passion for creating an effective website. To develop a creative idea for your project you have to go through ideas sessions or brain storming. In this stage of web development, your team discusses the goal of the project. While going through the brain storming stage everyone will have a diverse opinion, but in the end you have to come to a solution that everyone agrees to.

Here is how you can develop a creative idea for your project in ideas sessions:

  • All must be equal

Each member of the team must impart their thoughts, take ideas of others, or improve on ideas.

  • Aim for multiple ideas

The purpose of the brainstorming session is quantity of ideas, not quality. Quality will be assessed later.

  • No judging

No one may criticize or evaluate any suggestion or idea. Withhold criticism or disapproval to any of the ideas put forward, however impractical or irrelevant they may appear to be at first.

  • Enjoy the session

Play with your ideas and just enjoy the session. Brainstorming is fun because it allows team members bond with one-another as they solve problems in a positive and rewarding setting.

  • Take detailed notes

Someone must quickly capture all the ideas in the session as they occur. Once you already have an idea never let it go.

  • Allow time for the incubation of further ideas

If you’ve had a dynamic session, ideas will keep on to transpiring to people for hours or days after the session. Ask everyone to note down these ideas and submit them later to accompany the main session notes.

  • Evaluate your ideas and choose the best.

And finally, evaluate the ideas that your team has generated. Use a checklist or specific criteria to evaluate the ideas. Do not disregard crazy and wild ideas too quickly. Allow yourselves to continue to develop the ideas as needed.

Cultivating ideas for a web development project can be very tough but can be an enjoyable and fun activity for a team. It is the time where they are all equal and they can share they thoughts on how to resolve their problem.