I have been waiting for this and I just signed up for Visual.ly, guess what, I already love it. Thanks to their service we will soon be able to create infographics the easy way, if there is such a thing, but I believe it will make our life a bit easier. Anyway, here is an inforgraphic of me:

And here is one of me vs Rand Fishkin. It’s like Woody Allen fighting Mike Tyson:

Ha, I am a little speck of interest compared to him, although I seem to be more social and more responsive. PS. Rand, I don’t retweet to much, which means you should retweet more, there are plenty of good thing on the net 🙂

Well, if you are an infographic lover like myself, you are going love visual.ly, a place to visualize the world. I really can’t wait to see what their program will look like, I’m guessing they will have premade infographic templates that will be populated by the data from a single URL, just like the ones above were created for my twitter profile. Anyway, even with premade templates I am sure they will look amazing as there is plenty of data I would like to visualize, and with this I hope I will get the chance to do so.