Check out this cool illustration of what Page Rank is and how to get good Page Rank by Zippy Cart. Kudos to them 🙂 The only thing they did wrong here is what? They placed .edu sites on their second place, which is a common SEO myth that was left behind by the SEO generation from 90’s. Getting a PR6 backlink from an .edu site is the same as getting a PR6 backlink from a .com site, the only thing that matters is that the content on the website is related to yours. they state that .edu and .gov sites have more authority, that is not true, there are plenty of these sites that actually have no authority. Authority of a website doesn’t rely on the domain extension, it relies on the content, age and trust. In the end, always go for the relative content first, put Page Rank of a site on your second place. This illustration is cool and makes some good point but it is hollow and over simplifies the entire process. Page Rank is not all that matters, remember that!


[Via: ZippyCart Shopping Cart Reviews]
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