I have been hypocritical, I have to admit that. I have been telling people that one of the things a blog needs in order to succeed, besides great content, design and marketing, is a personality, which is one thing I failed to provide for Practical SEO blog. I mean the blog has my personality of course, you can see it in every post, but this blog lacks one important thing, rants. Every blog needs a dose of humor and offbeat topics to liven things up a bit. So, with that in mind I want to add a new aspect to this blog, an offbeat category where I will talk about various stuff, unrelated and related to SEO, but from always from a different point of view.
blog personality

I have to thank this transition to Thesis theme for that as it gave me the time to look at the blog from another perspective. I actually asked myself what this blog lacks, and I think I found it. If I am wrong, please correct me, but I don’t think some personality will do any harm. I mean just take these two blogs as an example, Cats Who Blog and Double Mule. Both are different in their own way, but they give out a sense of great personality just by hearing the name of the blog, and once you start reading their posts you are enchanted. I love these two blogs, and I would want Practical SEO blog to be considered as being on the same level one day, in a month or so I hope!

Again, I want to say that I am sorry for seeing dozens of changes in the last two days on our blog, but what is the point of having a Thesis theme if you don’t experiment with it? I mean Thesis was made so we can experiment and customize it the way we want, well, it may take us a bit longer, but in the end we will make it look appealing and different from other blogs, in both looks and personality I hope.

I think we already have quality, marketing is not a problem as that is what we do, we just need to make sure that the design is the way it needs to be and that the personality is something everyone can connect to. The point of having a personality on the blog is to give your readers a chance to connect to you on a deeper level than just as an expert in your field, which is a great bonus and it creates trust.

So, I will continue to make future rants whenever I have something to rant about, but I will also make a few posts about the importance of personality on your blog. I know some will say that having more than one author on the blog greatly contributes to that, and I agree, it keeps the blog more natural and more interesting. But if you look at GrayWolf’s blog you will see that it can be done by one man, so don’t give up on that one!

So, this is my official announcement that I will try to bring more personality (in funny & casual form) to Practical SEO blog from now on.

PS. Again, don’t hold it against us for wanting to experiment with our brand new Thesis theme.