The layout of a site is very important when it comes to converting traffic to sales. For an inexperienced online entrepreneur, this can translate into years of trial and error, not to mention, frustration in order to get it right. However, there are a couple of simple elements the blogger or web owner can implement in their site to get the ball rolling.

No matter what niche you pick, there will always be people looking for discounts. Your competitors will be offering them, and being much more established than you, they will obviously be the ones getting the business. You’ve done all the hard work to develop your business, your product is fantastic and you can vouch for it, now’s the time to use the following persuasive tactics to reel your customers in.

Your discount pages should be visible from your home page


Set up dedicated discount pages which your customers see as soon as they land on your site. Make sure they can navigate straight to this page from your home page. Do the work for your potential customers and they will reward you for it. If you’re in the open door loans business for example, you could have pages assigned to ‘debt and loans’ or ‘instant money coupons’.

Your discounts should be worth your customers’ time and effort, so it’s a good idea to have a friend or family test them out. By this I mean, if they were looking for a simple way of getting out of their debt would they use the instant loans coupons you were offering if they landed on your page?

Your Page

Your page should be properly and professionally set out, and all the information should be visible and easy to read. Your discount page should also be edited often to reflect the right price or any change in product. You wouldn’t forge any trust with your customers if your price said one thing, when the product actually cost more at the point of buying it.

Your coupons page should be attractive and informative

coupons page

We’ve all visited sites and landed on pages with massive amounts of information we didn’t need or want, with random images that wouldn’t open when you click on them. I know I’ve seen coupon pages with information about manufacturers and lengthy fine print jargon.

The information I really wanted was the price, how much I was really getting off the cost price, when the coupon expired etc. These were some things missing from the main page and I had to click around and search for them. This, of course, is unacceptable and can be construed as an attempt to deceive the customer. It’s a good practice for the online entrepreneur to give the information you would need, were you are looking for that product.


So when the entrepreneur has done the hard work to promote their product and get traffic flowing to their site, they should design their pages so that the coupons and discounts can be found from the home page. Customers will find them easily and will be more likely to make the purchase. However, the page they land on must be attractive and have all the relevant information they need.