There are too many people looking to make some bucks online but they fail to see the truth that is blinding, there is no money if you don’t work for it. The easiest way to earn money online is by offering freelancing services. I said the easiest, while this is the one honest method online that gives you a chance to make money it can be very difficult, but so can any other job. If you have a special knowledge like programming language, design, data management, ghostwriting or creative writing you can find a job online, but to do that more effectively I will provide a few tips on finding freelancing projects and winning them.

Freelancing Jobs

Freelancing Jobs

The first thing that you should do is find a freelancing website, one that I frequently used to find freelancing work and now use to outsource is Odesk. There are plenty other freelancing websites you can use, Freelancer, Scriptlance and Elance fall under the top freelancing websites, but again, my honest opinion from practice is that none of these is even a close match compared to oDesk.

The first part is creating your profile on these sites. Don’t rush into it, spend some time creating and making your profile attractive. When companies look to hire someone they will first check their profile, of course they will first look for reference, past work and such. Since you don’t have that yet you need a good profile that will tell those companies that you are good at what you do. Provide past experience, a detailed portfolio, a good story about you and why you are working as a freelancer, what are your goals and of course any diplomas in the field of work if you have any.

Once you complete your profile you should apply for your first job. Choose your application carefully, don’t just go posting your application on the first freelancing jobs you find, set a goal and go for it. At first you may need to start with modest rates, as no one will hire a person with no previous work for high rates. Now here comes the hard part, the application letter, based on my experience 90% of your success depends on this letter. The thing why it is so hard is that you cannot simply write a good letter and send it to each potential client; you have to make a personalized letter to each one stating why you are the best for the job in a convincing way. This is something that you will perfect over time, but be sure to invest time into this letter as it may be the only thing your success depends on at first, once you establish some credit on these websites and have good scores the jobs will come by themselves.

Remember, it’s all about presentation, whether it is your first time applying for a job as a freelancer and going for your first freelancing project or if you are already established as a freelancer and had plenty of freelancing jobs. In the eyes of the companies it is like buying a new car, if it looks good and sounds good, but the price is low they will wonder what is wrong with the car, that is where some sales skills come into play, in your case, the application letter. Don’t stop there, going for your freelancing projects doesn’t stop at oDesk and freelancing sites, create your blog, write about your work on HubPages and other social media sites, advertise using Facebook, Twitter and other similar websites. Do everything you can to ensure your freelancing job doesn’t turn out to be a waste of time.