There isn’t a soul in the SEO world that hasn’t used SEOmoz’s SEO tools from open site explorer to rank tracker. Over the past few years I have been severely addicted to their tools as probably the best out there, the only ones that draw my attention recently were Raven tools. The fact is that I’m not the only one, we were all addicted and are addicted to SEOmoz tools and their MozRank, especially with the lack of Page Rank updates. With all this being said it is hard to believe that Rand Fishkin announced this morning that their metrics and results were mostly false.


Rand Fishkin said that the majority of their results were acquired though Majestic SEO and lately Raven tools, basically they did what Bing did, stole from Google and passed it as their own. To make things even worse, since they couldn’t display the exact results as Raven or Majestic they implemented a variable in their algorithm that had the role of changing the results slightly, which means that all the time we depended on their randomly created results and the insight from SEOmoz tools we spent on false data and we acted upon false data.

SEO’s all around the world are angry, which is insignificant compared to the damage they have caused with this action. Rand will probably stand trial for this as providing and charging for false information is against the law. So what happens now? Will SEOmoz be sold to the highest bidder as their name has been tarnished by this scam? Or maybe someone else will step up and bring their SEO tools back on track, as far as we can tell with some work they can once again have their own method of acquiring data, but they will need a miracle and vast budget to achieve that.

What the future holds for SEOmoz and the SEO’s around the world is not clear, but one thing is for sure, APRIL FOOLS DAY ROCKS 🙂

I should anyway make sure that you understand that this was an April Fool’s Day joke and that nothing of the above is true. Rand is a great guy, SEOmoz SEO tools rock and I love them.