SEO Coaching

Practical SEO Company offers various SEO & SEM services among which is SEO Coaching.

We offer SEO coaching as a part of full SEO Implementation service or SEO Consulting service and we also offer it as a standalone service.

We will teach you how to optimize your website from usability and navigation to content optimization. We will also teach you link building methods and internet marketing techniques that will increase your brand awareness and web presence.

Practical SEO Coaching services includes:

Website architecture, coding and hierarchy

Navigational structure

Optimizing design & page structure

Discovering highly targeted keywords

Optimizing your on-page content

Keyword placement

Increasing usability and readability of your website

Content marketing

Link building & link acquisition

Social media optimization

Search engine marketing (PPC, Paid inclusion, PR, Contextual advertising)

How to measure your SEO campaign success

These are just some of the things we offer as a part of our SEO coaching service.

We can schedule a meeting with you to establish your current knowledge for free, after which we can arrange a curriculum that you will learn from based on your current weaknesses and strengths.

All of the SEO coaching will be done trough examples and guided by some of our SEO strategist with years of experience that will work hard to help your learn SEO through our SEO tutoring program.