SEM Services

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a unique form of Internet marketing combining the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click advertising (PPC), Paid Inclusion and Contextual advertising.

Most people are confused about whether SEO is a part of SEM or if SEM is a part of SEO, but that really doesn’t matter. SEO is there to make your website optimized for both users and search engines and to get you free organic traffic, the one you don’t have to pay for, while SEM has a word marketing in it, which means you will have to pay for some of it.

The first part is SEO implementation, optimizing your website on-page and building links off-page. It revolves around website usability, finding proper keywords and optimizing your website and your links using them in proper places like title tags, titles and anchor texts.

The second part of Search Engine Marketing is PPC Management. By analyzing your keywords and your competitor keywords we will create targeted PPC ads that are specifically crafted to increase the click-through rate and your conversions eventually maximizing your ROI.

Paid Inclusion includes submitting your website to paid directories to increase the number of links, traffic through various search engines and search directories, but most important working on local citations signals that help with your Local SEO marketing efforts.

Contextual Advertising is a special form of internet advertising which includes your ads appearing on other websites, media websites, niche related websites. Contextual advertising is essential for driving highly targeted traffic to your website. This part will not increase your search engine rankings directly, but it will help with highly targeted traffic that will boost your conversion rates.

These are all aspects of Search Engine Marketing. By employing Practical SEO you will make your life much easier as we are here to increase your traffic and your ROI using all white-hat methods available.