In theory we all know what we are doing and we all know how to build links and where to look for the quality stuff, but in practice 99% of web owners build links blindly, without a link building plan, without any regard for their link profile, all for the sake of gaining more links. In the process they sacrifice their link profile and quality of the links; the more the better doesn’t really apply to SEO and link building as it did a few years back. Every SEO knows that a few strategically placed quality links can easily replace hundreds and thousands of low level links. Now the issue here is not how to get a link, we covered that and we will cover it some more in the future, we will now concentrate on what a “perfect” link profile needs to have.

Balanced Link Building Profile


All in all it is very simple, we need a balanced link profile, and the first part is to gain the links gradually and not overnight. I can’t seem to stress enough how important it is to have an SEO plan as well as a link building plan, you need to plan the link velocity, at least the part you can control.

link profile

So to balance things up make sure you have a solid ratio of do follow vs no follow links. There isn’t a simple aspect ratio, 80:20 works fine, but you can have more no follow or less, just make sure you have a healthy number of no follow links. I guess 50 no follow links on 2,000 do follow links would be suspicious.

To keep your link profile balanced you also need to diversify your anchor texts. Building links with only one anchor text will not do you any good, while on the other hand adding synonyms will make your website even more relevant for your chosen topic.

And the last part of keeping your link profile balanced is to make sure you link to your deep pages as well as your homepage. We already talked about deep links and deep linking and why it is so important, so be sure to check it out if you are not sure what we are talking about.

Keeping Quality and Diversity of your Link Profile


In order to look natural to Google we need to have a diversified link profile, varied anchor texts and no follow links will help us with that, as well as deep links, but there are a few more things we need to take care of to bring ourselves closer to the so called perfect link profile.

link velocity

Start with the places you get links from. Diversify two things, the qualities of the websites you get links from and also the topics of the sites you get links from. Go for high quality as well as low quality links, I mean there isn’t a single site in the world that has only high quality links, that is not natural and Google knows it. Also, topic relevance is pure gold, but there isn’t a single site that has only topic related links. So try to get those high quality links from topic websites and low quality links where you can find them and all while keeping your link velocity and varied anchor texts in check.

I know that link exchanges are still very active, and I have nothing against exchanging a few links, even direct ones, but only if the website has quality and is highly related to yours. Don’t just exchange links with the first guy that sends you a mail and writes as he feels you will both benefit from this exchange, things don’t work that way, but in the end, a few reciprocal link exchanges do have a place in the perfect link profile, so keep that in mind as well.

These are the basic things that your website link profile should have to look natural to Google but maintain quality at the same time, of course there is much more, and we will make sure to cover it in the future with our link building articles.