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Penguin has successfully created a thick line of difference between Spamming and Online marketing. All those good for nothing tasks like directory submissions, article submissions, RSS feed, thin content etc are not going to add any real value to your website. So, as expected, some great SEO professionals have gone nuts as they simply do not have any idea as how to promote their website apart from figuring out how to start spamming in a whole new way. However, you would not have to spam the web for the same purpose. There are ways to market your website ethically and we are going to explain that thing in simple English:

Do not rush for the ranking: However, it is easier said than done. Why you are supposed to get paid as an SEO professional if you cannot guarantee better raking of targeted keywords? Valid question as it may sound. But take a deeper look; you are supposed to ensure better visibility of your clients’ website and voila, there lies the hidden gem. Better online visibility can be acquired through a hell lot of ways. Well let me show you that. It is not that the techniques have to be new or innovative. In fact, you know them already, however, it is another story that you never give them that much importance they deserve:


Social Media: Believe it or not, social media do send traffic and if you are a genius, you can find a viable alternative of Google as the major contributor to your website’s total traffic. Share something nice and interesting, participate in some real discussion, add great images, keep your profile fresh and happening and believe me there are tons of things to do when you are on Facebook, twitter or their likes. Just got involved and see what happens next.

traffic social media

Social comment is a hot new trend as it gives immense opportunity to get involved. All you need to do is to place Social comment plugins, zillions of available them online, and do a little promotion and wait for the impact. It will have a vital impact since his friends will be able to see his post and this might inspire them like the Post or go through the post carefully and then post a comment and the story thus will go on.

Moreover, a robust presence in social media sites means that you are more likely to have a bigger and better presence on Google too. As Google is shifting its attention from links to something more tangible and robust, you should not discard the importance of social media anymore.

Google Adwords

Go for the paid advertisement: I am not going to ask you to pour all the money in Google Adwords. Rather you should be exploring all the available vertical and see, which one works for your website best. I personally like They have a robust interface and it has a network of some great sites where you can get permanent placement. So that means you would not have to bother about keeping a track on the Quality Score, bidding value and all that. Simple and straightforward like 1-2-3. You pay the money and you got top placement and guaranteed traffic.

However, Adwords should certainly be on your top to do list. You simply cannot have your marketing strategy up and running without having Google’s poster boy on their side. Since you are going to spend a lump sum amount on Adwords to get your website promoted, data crunching is certainly coming to you. Moreover, there is hell lots of things involved there. You need to follow all the rules and regulations carefully, otherwise the account may be suspended at any point of time. If you give less attention to “Quality Score”, you may end up paying ridiculous amounts of money for less competitive keywords. So, think before you leap.

Promote Your Brand: This should be the goal of every marketer. Since all the shortcuts are vandalized by Google, you have fewer options other than to focus on attention on brand building. For say, while guest blogging (the only ethical way to get some backlinks to your website), you should put less weight on keywords and more on branded terms. Company name, URL, name of the trusted employees can even be used for the same purpose.

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Make Your Website More accessible: To make your website more accessible, you can do different things. Like you can use authorship mark-up for your website and chances will be there that SERP includes an author image in the SERP. It looks and feels cool. You can try Google Online page speed checker to enhance loading time of your website by fine tuning CSS Sprite, Leverage browsing cache, minifying CSS and JavaScript files, externalizing files, compressing elements without cutting down on quality and other cool stuffs. If you are running a shop, it makes sense that you add microformat code against your website to present the information in a structured format to search engines. If the fate permits your website may be able to get the coveted star marks against the product in question in the SERP.

product rich snippets

Have unique, natural and informative title and description for each page and choosing a proper canonical URL. Shunning forceful internal linking etc. Make the navigation simple and focus on creating a great user experience.


Have a Blog: Blog is the life source of your website’s brand presence and all the marketing activities are supposed to revolve around it. Come up with great content and there is no such hurry to post two or three articles in the blog. Do a thorough research and then come up with something that is supposed to add some value to the user experience and once it is ready spread the words by sending emails to subscribers and posting a snippet of the blog posts in major social networking accounts. Engagement is what you need to attain and once it gains enough exposure, your website will start getting links from different sources almost naturally without any coercion from you.