Most of you have heard about the Page Rank update in the last few days. For some this has been a good event, for others still biting on their nails, waiting when the update is going to hit their website this might seem like a nightmare. For those in the SEO industry this is just a formality with no special meaning.

Well, it is a fact that some of the SEO’s are going to use the Page Rank update to their advantage when it comes to dealing with clients, but most of us know that it has nothing to do with rankings in Google nor with traffic we get to our websites.

Page Rank Update

So how does the page rank update influence our online business? In reality it doesn’t, the only ones seeing the difference are the blog owners; they feel a bit more satisfied as they think their work has paid off, while it doesn’t have anything to do with the pay day actually. For a regular user that has no idea what page rank is this has no meaning whatsoever!

One thing we all have to understand is that page rank update is only for show, this is toolbar page rank, so just because your page rank went up doesn’t mean you are on the top of the world. Why is that? Well it is because the page rank that is now higher on your blog didn’t influence your Google rankings, you are still in the same spot you were a few days before the update, and also the traffic you receive hasn’t increased proportionally with the update or decreased, in case your PR went down.

So why stressing over PR if it doesn’t influence our ratings or the amount of traffic we receive? As an SEO I can say that most people still rely on PR in their toolbar to be a measurement of how good a website is, while in reality that is far from the truth. Also, most inexperienced bloggers and web owners will look at your PR when you ask them for a link, so in some ways it still matters. As a blogger I can say that it does help us put things in perspective a little, it helps us validate our work and gives us a motivation to move forward with getting even better in mind, and after all, most bloggers are competing against themselves and not against other bloggers.

I can say that I don’t care about PR, not because my blog hasn’t been updated yet, personally I rely more on SEOmoz metrics and my blog has a score of 47 at the moment, but because SEO is my profession, and I have seen plenty of PR4 or PR5 websites that are nothing more than network websites with no content, no value whatsoever. On the other hand I have seen blogs with PR1 or zero that have much to offer.

To say it again clearly, page rank is just a number, it has no influence on our success as bloggers or web owners. The success is measured by other means, you as a web owner know what success means for your website, if it is only high PR then I feel you are wasting your time. Like Gary from Lawmacs blog said, are you making money from your blog? Maybe that is the thing you should be stressing about, and not the page rank update which will come to all of us eventually, and again, it won’t change a single thing regarding our web success.