It’s becoming evident that incorporating good SEO tactics is an indispensable part of increasing visibility for your website. And if you have a growing small business and you’re using your website as a platform for sales, good SEO tactics can result in a substantial increase in overall revenue. But SEO tactics can’t take you all the way to the finish line. Even if you’re ranking for all the keywords you’ve got, if you can’t convert the increase in clicks to an influx of cash, SEO isn’t going to do anything for you. Making your SEO tactics pay off means making your website easy to navigate for maximum purchase encouragement and taking great care of customers post-purchase. Happy customers become repeat customers and that’s the best way to build brand loyalty.

Start with the Simple Stuff

You might think landing page architecture issues wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Making sure your website is navigable and steers people easily towards a purchase seems like basic common sense. But I’m constantly surprised that small companies who spend loads of money on SEO haven’t resolved simple, relatively inexpensive architectural issues. It’s mind-boggling to me that people don’t immediately see the inherent logic in streamlining their website and making it easy to buy a product or service.

Don’t Get In The Way Of Your Own Success

If someone has to spend time trying to figure out how to make a simple purchase on your webpage, you’re losing a lot of revenue to competitors who only have to put a big red “BUY” button that’s easily visible in an appropriate place on a page. It’s bad enough to lose a potential sale. But the idea of losing a sale because your web page is poorly designed should feel like salt in a wound. And losing sales this way is more common than you might think. I went to a website over the weekend with the express purpose of making a purchase. I had my wallet open and my card in my hand. I never did end up being able to make a purchase because the website was a mess. I ended up buying a slightly more inferior product from a competitor with a better website. Take the time to clean up your website and make it appealing. Make it easy for people to give you money instead of frustrating their efforts.

Customer Service Matters

If you’ve got great SEO tactics and a well-built webpage working together to create good sales, that’s two-thirds of a winning strategy. Where some businesses are dropping the ball though, is after the sale. The best way to turn a one-time customer into a loyal repeat purchaser is to make sure that your customer service isn’t the weak link in the chain. For small businesses, handling all the logistics of processing orders and shipping efficiently can be overwhelming. Outsourcing order fulfillment can take the logistics headache away from you and let you focus on converting clicks into cash flow and letting professionals handle quick customer service issues and eventual warehousing needs. Handling customer service well goes a long way to building brand loyalty. And brand loyalty that results from good SEO in the very beginning of the pipeline is an indication that you’ve got all the pieces put together in your business strategy.