Both bloggers and website owners tend to think between long term SEO vs short term SEO. Are there benefits to one opposing the other, and if there are what are they? Well I’m here to tell you that short term SEO doesn’t exist. Short term SEO is only one small campaign inside the large one, the big picture, the long term SEO, and it all start with an SEO plan.

organic seoTo explain things a bit better let’s explain why short term SEO isn’t good for the long run. Although most of this should be obvious to most of you when given only a few minutes of thought you should know that in SEO game slow does it. Google has stated countless times that they don’t want to see massive increase in your backlinks, they want a steady increase that shows that your website is actually attaining organic backlinks, rather than paid ones and directory submission or massive comment spam. Although there are ways to make all of this undetectable by Google, you can get paid links as well and get away with it, but you also need to play it smart.

Short term SEO campaign relies on link building and some social mentions; there is no time to focus on the website factors and on-page optimization as much. So that means whoever is doing your short term SEO will probably fail to identify relevant landing pages and will focus mostly on your homepage, which tells Google that this is not natural and that there is nothing worth on your website besides the homepage. Not to mention that you are actually paying someone to build links in a short amount of time, which will raise a red flag to Google as well.

So it is easy to see why short term SEO can in fact reflect negative on your rankings and may in fact lead to penalization by search engines. In fact, the only ones that would try to offer short term SEO are rookies, low level self proclaimed SEO’s and inexperienced bloggers. A good standing SEO company will never offer you something like short term SEO or a link building package that is packed into month of work. Every SEO knows that the only way to benefit from optimization and link building is to make it appear natural to Google, so that is when long term SEO comes into play.

Whether you decide to hire a company to do SEO for you or you decide on in-house SEO campaign you need to have a long term goal and a long term SEO plan that will be implemented gradually. You need to have priorities set and you need to be offered priorities by the SEO companies planning your long term SEO campaign. Starting from on-page optimization to building an organic network of links to your website as well as creating your social presence is all a part of a gradual and steady process, whoever tells you different doesn’t have a clue what he or she is talking about.

I’ll leave you with this. Do you plan to profit from your website or blog in the first 6 months? If you do you probably have something great to offer, but if you are like 99% or more of the web and blog owners you can’t expect that, so why hurry? Why would you want to ruin your business before you even start? But don’t get me wrong, there are some SEO’s that will use this long term SEO phrase just to take your money long term, which is why you need to have constant communication with your SEO company, to know where your money is going and to see the results. So be smart, play it slow and play it smart, no need to rush a business that is set to earn you money in the long run.