We all know that links have different values depending on the websites they come from, pages they come from and of course placement on the page. As a part of our SEO Survey we had a question: “Rate the weight a link has based on its position on a page.” We wanted to find out what people, link builders and webmasters, consider being the best location for a link on a page. Of course this also requires diversity just like everything else regarding link building, but you need to know where to place your links.

In my personal experience the best type of links come from the content, it can be a link near the top, but preferably not in the first paragraph or somewhere in the middle of the article. Of course you need to think about the text surrounding the link as well as the anchor text. So let’s take a look at what people think is the most valuable location to place a link on a page.

link positioning & link placement

As you can see from the graph above people tend to agree that content is the best place to have a link, which is actually a no brainer. The only issue here is if the link should be placed anywhere within the content or near the top. I think it doesn’t have much of a difference; you can place it near the top, but avoid linking from the first few sentences.

Header seems to be the 3rd choice, and then logically followed by sidebar and footer at the end. Which is just a logical way of thinking if you consider two things, natural link placement, it is very natural to have a link within content, and after that the most natural place to have a link is the sidebar. Obviously some people think that the order in which search engines look at the links (from top to bottom) is more important than the natural feel of the link. My personal opinion is that a link from the sidebar can be more valuable than a link from the header as it is not natural to have anchor text link there, maybe an image link. But try to limit your sidebar links to homepage only or certain categories. You can no follow the links on other pages in WordPress via plugin, and if you have an HTML website just place the links where you want, but try not to make them site-wide either way.

Let’s take a look at the same graph and answers based on the opinion of professionals and beginners.

Professional Opinion on Link Placement

Link positioning professional opinion

Beginners Opinion on Link Placement

link positioning beginners opinion

As you can see they are almost identical, the slight difference is between header values, professionals tend to value header links a bit less, my guess is due to experience and already said above. But the order is still the same, so the bottom line is that we should all look for in content links as much as we can, but also keep an eye out for diversity with link placement as well.

We won’t go into detail as to what people think based on each of the locations for a link. They were pretty much straight forward with their answers and the results are pretty much the same as pictured on the graphs above. Next week we will present our findings on most important factors for domain trust and authority, which requires a bit more explaining as the answers were not as straightforward as they were here.

In the SEO Experts answer article we came to a conclusion that guest posts work wonder, and with the survey results here saying that in-content links are of the greatest value you can pretty much draw a conclusion on what you need to target the most in your link building efforts. Try to keep it as natural as you can, diversify anchor texts, locations of the links as well as websites and blogs those links are coming from and you will see the results you want for sure.