I keep telling people that link building is not hard; there are just too many ways to build quality links that it is impossible to miss them. The thing is most webmasters and bloggers don’t want to dedicate some quality time for link building, they do it on the fly, which is why they don’t get good results. Also, some of the opportunities that are right in front of their noses tend to escape them. So here is one head smacking tip for you guys, link building with StumbleUpon.

We all use social networks, and we can create great connections through Twitter and Google+ that can lead to a great number of marketing opportunities, StumbleUpon on the other hand can give you great link opportunities in just a few minutes.

Types of links you can expect from StumbleUpon can vary quite a bit, from guest posts and content submission to listing, business profiles to references, educational resources and sponsored links. Basically you have it all, so instead of going through link trails from blog to blog or doing excessive searches in Google via advanced search operators, or browsing through Twitter search, all you have to do is stumble around clicking your mouse buttons and taking down notes.

The thing is most people haven’t thought of using StumbleUpon for link building, I guess as a part of my work it is a professional habit to try and get link building opportunities from anything I do online. So here are some examples to show you how easy it is. Well, it’s easy to find link opportunities; the actual building part depends on you, your effort, commitment and quality.

The idea is to find a topic you want for link building and start stumbling; of course any topic can have variations, so if you are looking to promote a travel website you can stumble anything from travel and hiking to outdoors.

Guest Posts

guest blogging opportunity

second guest post opportunity

guest post opportunity 2

Submission, Profiles and Listing

submission opportunity

submission opportunity 2

submission opportunity 3


advertising opportunity

These are just some of the examples I managed to find in a 15 minutes browsing session. But this is not all StumbleUpon can give you regarding internet marketing and promotion. You can learn from the content, find new sources, meet and connect with new people. I don’t know how many great posts I found that I simply had to comment on and connect with the author through their blog and other social networks. And these are all long lasting connections that help me each day with my work.

When you dedicate yourself to your online success it will be easy to think long term and find a use for almost every little thing you do online, StumbleUpon is just a beginning. With that being said, feel free to add me on SU, here is my link: http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/tschooduck