If we were to line up Eric Ward, Jim Boykin and maybe Rand Fishkin and Dejan Petrovic in one room and force them to tell us all of their link building ideas, tips and tricks they’ve used to find new link opportunities, we would have a brain overload with the sheer number of ides. Not to mention that we would need a lot of time to process all of them. Yeah, I’m saying there are hundreds of ways to build links, but we just need to explore them. When it comes to SEO these are some of the names I would use for link building, so find three names in your niche that stand out and use them to find link opportunities and here is how.

The idea is very simple, you know about brand monitoring and how to find link opportunities for your brand name or the competitors you follow, the same can be done by focusing on online personas, even easier. Most people when creating a profile for their company will use their name, so there are more link opportunities to be found by searching for a name instead of a company name.

Let’s start with a stupid first of the mind query:

“eric ward” profile

eric ward profile

The top 6 results get us 3 for the Eric Ward we are after, we get his G+ page with plenty of links, we have his LinkedIn profile and Business Week profile, where you can instantly create a profile or import from LinkedIn.

By performing the same search for all the names above mentioned I managed to find over 10 sites to create a profile or a business listing, and this is just from the first 10 results, I didn’t go deeper at all, and going deeper is what will get you some nice websites to build links on. But that is for profiles and business listings, easy links, you can vary your search by adding more queries to make it more relevant, the next step I like to take is to find places where these guys posted on and explore the links.

Before we get to that let’s talk about exploring link opportunities that are posted on their profiles. Eric has dozens of links on his G+ page, so does Jim on his We Build Pages profile, and others as well. Visiting the pages they have linked to will give you an idea of what type of content they prefer and their preferred networks and each one of those will have more and more links, so you expand into a follow up of their full link profile just by picking a starting point. A starting point can be their main website or some of their major profiles. That is one of the ways to scan and get links that some of the most known people in the industry have.

The easiest way to find guest posting opportunities by name or author is to use “inpostauthor:” advanced search query, like:

inpostauthor:”dejan petrovic”


You can do some basic searches that will get you the same results:

author: name Surname or “author: name surname”

“post by: name surname” or simply “by name surname” and you can use –website.com to remove their own pages from the results.

Some more queries to use with names are:

“name surname” inurl:user

“name surname” inurl:profile

“written by: name surname”

Or just

“name surname” –theirwebsite.com

It is fairly easy to find some quick links as well as some high quality ones with this approach. Also, you can do the same approach for a brand name, I pointed this out because most people forget to use known people and their online presence for link building, a part you should not skip at all.

Bonus tip: use image search and search for their names, you will find a ton of websites that talk about these people and link to them, and those are all link opportunities.