Link Building Services

Practical SEO offers advanced Link Building services from high quality traffic sites. If you hire us to do search engine optimization and link building for your websites you can expect the following strategies to be implemented in order to maintain a diversified link profile and gain the best results:

Backlink Discovery
Landing Page Research
Competition Link Portfolio Research
Link Consolidation
Memberships and Market Profiles
News Syndication
Targeted Directories & Local Citations
Link Baiting & Viral Marketing
Brand Promotion

Our link building tactics rely on long term goals in mind. We want your website to rank highly in the search engines and stay there, which is why gradual link building process must be implemented. Diversifying your link profile with low level links as well as high quality links is a must, and we know just the right percentage to make your link profile look natural and achieve results in SERP.

Our main tactics include targeting the main keywords passively at first, targeting the long tail keywords which will bring increased traffic through SERP. Our SEO specialists will analyze the right long tail keywords to target and will deliver high quality links that will increase your rankings significantly over a shorter period of time, so results can be seen almost instantly.

The next part of our link building services includes constant creation of links in order to maintain a natural and effective link velocity level. You have to understand that if you build links for 6 months and then stop, after a while your rankings will go down as the competitors never sleep, which is why you need to employ our SEO Coaching and SEO Consulting services when our employment is finished so that you can continue where we left off and maintain and even increase your rankings.

Our link building tactics are basically simple. We rely on one rule, one link from an authority and theme related source is more important than 100 links from low quality websites, and as such we will deliver those high quality links through our campaign. If you want to hire our link building team to provide you with link building services contact us and we will give you results right away.

With our link building strategy in place we will help you create a content marketing strategy that will help you get natural links even when we finish with SEO camapign.