Now we are getting something, the next part of this link building guide, how to approach webmasters for a link. The time when you could send a direct link request, for a one way link, a link exchange or whatever, is almost good and gone. You can get lucky from time to time, but that is not the way to do things. In order to get a link you either need to know the person in some way or have something to offer them.

Knowing a person is not as hard as it may seem. You just go look at their blog, read a few posts, comment on them, get noted, and follow that person on Twitter and in less than two weeks you can go the distance to propose a link exchange or ask for a guest post. In most cases you will get it. That is one way to go about it. The second one is to offer them something.

Good Link RequestWhen offering them something I mean a guest post, a review, offer them to be a guest blogger, or simply ask them if there is something they are interested in if you are not sure, but I think you can find something. Now all of this goes much easier if you know the person, if not you first need to get their attention. So your first mail should not contain any mention of a link, none so ever.

Your first mail is used to introduce yourself and get attention. So here is an example of a first email to approach a webmaster, without knowing the person or having comments on that blog (but I advise the safer route, it’s much easier).


Loved your post on Top 5 Locations for Honeymoon, I have been to Morocco, but I never had a clue about the lovers market, now I wish I can go again! I’m a travel lover myself and have been to a few places, which is why I have a travel blog myself.


If you want you can check out my website LINK, maybe you will find something you like.


Keep up the good work.




Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn LINK”


Now this is far from being a perfect mail, but asking for something, other than a blog post, in your first mail will get you ignored 99% of the times. And I’m sure you don’t want to send 100 mails to get one link! So what is good in this example, its short for one thing! Don’t write an essay! It’s personalized, it has a person’s name and it talks about his posts. So that says to the webmaster that you read through a bit, my advice is to actually comment on a specific part of the post.

A simple line from a person’s post can do a great deal to your benefit. So what else do we have here, you have your name, your website, and even your social account or accounts, so that shows that you are a real person, and not a spammer. And even though you haven’t mentioned anything directly, this is a passive call to ask for a guest blog post, or guest post exchange, or eventually a link from a page you had your eye on!

To sum things, when doing a link building campaign and you are approaching webmasters for link, never ask for a link in your first mail, take it slow and do it the safer way. Now this is a bit different when we are talking about company websites or professional websites and not blogs, but the idea is the same, find a way to connect to them and try to offer them something they will want. It’s better to invest 10-15 minutes into reading a post or two and finding some info on the person and increase your chances of getting a link than writing thousands of mails with success rate below 1%!