We already talked about Page Rank and the importance of PR in link building, or in other words, the lack of it today. Page Rank is not the factor you should be looking at these days when building links, if you want to look at ranks so bad, you can look at MozRank, it’s currently more accurate and what is more important, it’s regularly updated. But we are not here to talk about Page Rank or MozRank, we are here to talk about ranking your pages on your own. We are here to talk about how to determine what quality are the potential links without looking at any of these premade ranks. This is the only way to ensure that you actually get a high quality link. Of course before you go any further, this is only for serious and advanced link building. If you want to build profile links or comments or links through directories this wont’ make much difference.

Now that we got that out of the way let’s talk about link building and finding quality pages for your potential links, and how to recognize those pages. So how do we find out which sites and pages are good to get links from without looking at the Page Rank? There are several things we should be looking at:


Do Follow or No Follow

do-follow-or-no-followI am a strong follower of free linking policy, which means I don’t care if it is a do follow or a no follow link when I build links for my sites, but when it comes to my clients I have to stick to do follow as Google will in most cases rely only on them for your rankings (but it does follow certain no follow links). So the first thing you should do is download a plugin that will recognize no follow links so you shouldn’t look at the source code of each website and page all the time.

Ranking Website for Your Keywords


The first thing you need to check when looking for websites to link to you is to find highly related websites, in most cases those are the ones that rank for the same keywords as you do. If they are your direct competition than it’s obvious that you will have no chance of getting a link there, but if they aren’t a competitor than this is the perfect place to ask for a link as this link can give you plenty of juice.



We just mentioned that you need to look for a website that has rankings for the same keyword that you are going for, but that may mean that they are ranking for that single keyword in your niche and no other, so there is an off shot chance that the website is not that highly related to yours, which is fine, but you also need to look for website that have a topic related content to yours, these are the best sites for linking, and if you can score some deep links than you are ahead of the game.


Authority and Trust


Authority_relevance_trustThis is a tricky one; you can of course look for the age of the domain first. There are plenty of website you can visit to find out the age of a domain, you can just type the domain in who.is and you will see some basic info about the website including the creation date. Now age of the domain doesn’t necessarily mean that the website is trusted by Google, but it’s more likely that Google will give more trust to an aged domain than to a new one.

Of course there is also the quality of the content, number of links the website has and to whom they link to as well as who links to them. We said that this is the hardest part of figuring out, but you will be able to smell the authority after some time once you get into link building, it comes naturally after some time.

Outbound Links


outbound_linksOutbound links are very important factor in figuring out if the website and the page are good places to get links from. The first thing to look for is the number of outgoing links. The less there are the better. The second thing to look is if they are already linking to your competitors, if they are linking to 2 or more of your competitors you can probably get a link from that page without too much hassle. But remember, at the same time, although the lower number of OBL is good for you, in most cases that means that the webmaster is careful with his links and will not give you the link, while a page with more links is probably an easier target for your link building campaign.

In the end we all need a variety of links, so don’t go just for one type of link. Also, make sure you mix the do follow with no follow and use various link anchors, but don’t go for keyword cannibalization. Remember that there is no such thing as a perfect link, there are good and bad links, but links are links and if you are too picky you won’t get any, but at the same time you shouldn’t lower your standards too much just to get a few links.