As far as link building goes there is no way you can account for all of the rankings that are going on. Yes you can build 15 quality links to your page and the rank of that page can still go down, there are many other factors that determine the rank of a page. But if we are certain of the quality of the page as well as the authority and relevance of the entire website than online promotion and link building should be our focus. So why do it half way? Here is how I do it by concentrating on partial match anchor texts, and trust me it works.

I won’t get into detail in this post, for a better explanation you can check out my post on Search Engine People, Anchor Text Guide. Combined with this post and the reasoning behind it I hope I can persuade more people to lay off exact anchor match links and concentrate on create a fluid and natural link profile that search engines will like.

I mentioned on SEP that the general influencers for our links are:

–          Used words for the anchor

–          Text around the link, the sentence, the content and other links in the proximity

–          The page we link to

–          URL of the domain and the page

–          Page title and the title of the post, headings

–          Domain authority and page authority

I love using partial match anchor texts because they tend to provide more relevance to the linking page. Maybe they won’t push the link as much as an exact anchor match would, but on the other hand I will stay under Google’s radar and I will influence more than one keyword at once.

A keyword like “pc cleaner” will definitely boost the rank if all other factors and influencers are well in place, but it will only boost the ranks for that keyword as “pc” and “cleaner” are way to broad to expect anything unless we have massive authority. On the other hand a keyword variation like “download free pc cleaner software” will give us plenty of relevance and boost to following keywords:

–          Free pc cleaner

–          Download pc cleaner

–          Pc cleaner software

–          Download pc cleaner software

–          Download free pc cleaner

–          Free pc cleaner software

–          Pc cleaner

partial match anchor text

And the whole phrase by itself will not be hard to rank for, which will bring some immediate traffic. In the end when you look at the backlink profile and see 9 out of 10 anchors have 3+ words and different variations and compare it to another site which has 10 for 10 exact match anchor texts it is easy to predict who will be victorious. Maybe the second site with exact anchors has the upper hand with the rankings for “pc cleaners”, but when you combine all the keywords the first website has, the most likely scenario is that this site is attracting more visitors and will soon become a bigger authority for that particular phrase.

This is simple logic that comes from the old “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”, but also from practice and experience. A few months back I did a link building set of 20+ exact anchor links for a client, and even though each of those links came from a reputable website, the ranks soon started going down. Contacting few of those to change the anchors and getting some new ones did not only get us our old ranks back, but we managed to improve those ranks and gain new ones for keyword variations, which resulted in more traffic and more sales, which is the ultimate goal of search engine optimization.

Look at it like this, for a normal internet user that has no clue what SEO is, what long tail keywords are or what links mean for us and our rankings, a link saying “download free pc cleaner software” says a lot more than just “pc cleaner” and is therefore more likely to be clicked on and result in sales. There are numerous reasons why you would want to vary the anchor texts and force a more natural look through partial match anchors. Also, like mention in my SEP post, you don’t even need to use anchors all the time. Proximity of the keyword is also your friend, so simply by saying “you can download free pc cleaner software here:” where the URL is the link will influence the relevance, authority and of course your rankings.

Even the smallest thing in SEO can lead to great results. Anchor texts are still important, but they need to be a part of a big chain to get you results. Extraordinary content, overall authority and relevance, relevance and authority of the linking website as well as the page from where the link comes in combination with a properly chosen anchor can yield great results. Sprinkle a little bit of social media and you got yourself a website with nice traffic from various sources.