Bloggers can use smart phones to stay in touch with their readers if they have the right apps. The apps bloggers choose could affect which phone they buy when they compare mobile broadband deals. The great blogging apps for smart phones listed here offer a good way to start shopping. All apps listed here are free unless otherwise noted.

Blogging Apps for Android

Bloggers can choose from a huge selection of Android-powered smart phones. They can select a phone from many compatible phones made by different manufacturers. With Android, bloggers can work on their blogs without needing a bulky computer. To start, bloggers should try the great blogging apps listed here.

Blogger – One of the most popular blogging platforms, Google’s Blogger app for Android makes adding and editing posts easy. Bloggers can even upload images using this app.


Moby – Bloggers can post text, images, and videos to various social networking sites as well as to popular blogging sites. Moby works with Tumblr, YouTube, Flickr, WordPress, LIveJournal, Twitter, Facebook and other popular services.


WordPress – The official WordPress app for Android make it possible to manage comments, check statistics and create posts and pages from a smart phone. This app is also available on the iPhone.


CellSpin – Post to multiple blogging and social networking platforms with this convenient app. This app works as a single solution for bloggers who use multiple services.


MyTumblr – Bloggers who love Tumblr will appreciate this app that can easily send photos, videos, audio and other content to their Tumblr account. MyTumblr also connects to Twitter. Also available for the iPhone.


PixelPipe – Another popular Android blogging tool, PixelPipe connects to various popular blogging and social networking sites from a single interface. This app will also send the same post to multiple sites, simplifying the life of serious bloggers.


AnyPost – This Android-based blogging app uses for blogging, micro-blogging and social networking. This app also works with geo-location and multimedia content.


Blogging Apps for iPhone

Bloggers who compare mobile broadband deals and choose the Apple iPhone can do their work using these iPhone apps.

Joomla Admin Mobile
– Joomla users with iPhones can use this official app that lets them manage users, categories, menus and articles on Joomla websites. This app costs $9.99.


BlogPress – This third-party blogging app connects to multiple platforms including LiveJournal, Drupal, Moveable Type, Blogger, Joomla, WordPress and others. This iPhone app costs $2.99.


AltBlogger – This app works well for updating Blogger. Some iPhone users prefer its stark interface above those with many bells and whistles. AltBlogger costs $.99.


Pen My Blog –  iPhone users who want a free app to use with Blogger can try Pen My Blog. This app allows bloggers to edit their posts.

pen my blog

iBlogger – Users of Drupal, WordPress, Typepad and other blogging platforms will love this multi-blog app. iBlogger creates categories, tags, content and location updates.


HubPages – Those who love creating and managing Hubs will love using this iPhone app. Users can also use this app to engage forums and update their status.