Look at the image below… Not the results you would expect right? I knew Google auto suggestion sucks for many terms, but for something like this, well, it’s pure censorship, like with many other porn terms, but in this case “anal”  can also be presented as a medical term, so not sure if it was the right decision to remove it from auto suggestion. Google auto suggest even failed to complete words like “torrent” for a certain period. I just thought it was funny.

google auto suggestions suck

Want proof? Take a look below…

google sugesstions suck proof

Notice there are no personal results for the first search query... Thank God for that!

Now in terms of popularity as well as search volume “anal” is far far ahead of “analytics”, not to mention other suggestions! Plus if we take a second to think what is most likely that the user would search for, well, the results are obvious, Google likes to place its own properties ahead of human needs 🙂 LOL

Here are a few more, some of which are classics, enjoy and feel free to leave a cool suggestion I left out…

do midgets have night vision

midgets for sale