I think it’s safe to say that we as SEOs are addicted to SEO tools that in most cases make our lives easier. Looking at it from an objective point of view, some of them are crap, some of them are a force of habit we can go without, some of them are totally useless, but they look cool and give us data we don’t need or have no use for, but we still manage to find some time to try them, test them and even use them on regular basis.

It’s not all bad, on the contrary, some of these so-called tools make our life easier, and they make our job easier and certain tasks faster. Imagine getting all the link data manually… That would be a nightmare with Freddy Krueger in it. So all in all, we are dependent on them to do our job better, faster and in some cases prettier. Some of the cost, the good ones usually do, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t free SEO tools that are good. I managed to find some you most likely didn’t know about, but can save you some $, and also provide you with value.

1. Keywordtool.io

free keyword tool


This tool allows you to do keyword research on a whole new level when it comes to free services. You can choose to research keywords for Google search, and you can even pick which country Google search you want to research for, as well as choices between, YoutTube, Bing and App Store searches.

free keyword research tool

The results provided are plentiful, it does look and resembles UberSuggest a lot, but it’s a bit cleaner dash in my opinion. You can select which keywords to copy either by selecting individual keywords, copying an entire group of 10 keywords or simply copying all 750+ keywords with a single click. And my favorite feature is the APP store search where it provides a myriad of long query searches that you can use for your next content research.

2. Wheredoi.link

where do i link

This tool by Paul Shapiro comes from a great idea, a very useful tool to have. Now this exact tool could use some love and updates, hopefully, the creator is working on that as we speak. Generally, this tool helps you see where you link to from your site; you can also segment your search by adding keywords.

You can use it to check your site and see if there are any links you don’t want, like hacked links or you can check your competitors and see where they link to and try to get a link there, you can play around with it.

The reason I said that it needed some more love is the fact that there are always a few links that don’t exist on the site, so don’t panic if you see those, it’s usually 4-5 links at the bottom. Also, it doesn’t show all of the links from your site. Not sure how deep it crawls a site, but generally it shows up to 50 links from a few sites I tried it on, so maybe a deeper crawl can do the trick.

After you’ve checked the site you can export the results and run them through other link explorers to get more data.

3. Content Idea Generator

content idea generator

Love this one. This tool was created by Portent, and it helps you create a title for your post or get an idea for a post around a certain keyword.

Now you can use it to have fun, I know I got a few laughs out of it:

“Darth Vader’s Guide to Valves”

“The hunger games guide to SEO”

“Why Ian Lurie should be one of 7 deadly sins”

Like I said, it can be used for fun, but it can also give you some great ideas, just follow the short instructions on the page and the content world looks easier than ever.

4. Serplab.co.uk

free serp checker

Now, what SEO tool list would this be if there wasn’t at least one rank checker in it? Nothing much to say here, for all of you that are still hooked on checking your rankings (even though they are an obsolete metric if you ask me) this is a free tool you can use.

Good points are that it shows your rank, you have a quick link to top 10 results and you can compare the rankings with 3 other competitors as well as look at the ranking timelines. Aside from that, use at your own risk!

5. Riffle


Last, but not the least, is Riffle by CrowdRiff. This is a really, really cool tool if you are into content marketing and social media. Leveraging this tool with BuzzSumo is the way to go!

This is a chrome plugin that will show you some real time analytics regarding Twitter users, like RT per Tweet ratio, top hashtags, and mentions, as well as some general statistics and data like tweet a day, over a week period or which twitter tools the user prefers, HootSuite, buffer etc…

So before you go hunting for the next influencer to hound for you next piece of content, arm yourself with a Riffle.

I am always skeptical when the word “free” is attached to something, but these tools provide value even though they don’t cost a cent.

Some honorable mentions: