Since its weekend I have fewer things to do, so I decided to let you know about a new free computer help forum that has opened up a few days ago. My friend from the UK, Chris George, owner of VIP Consult, which is a web design and computer repair company, recently opened up a computer help forum in order to start his own community and spread the word.

free computer help forumI won’t lie to you, I was the one suggesting some sort of a community, although I was more for a blog, but forum is even better. It just needs to get started and get a few questions. So I wish to help him get the buzz going by writing a post about his free computer help forum, now I also ask of you to spread the word around on Twitter and Facebook and also to visit his forum and ask the first question. It would be a bit stupid if I was the first one!

Anyway, I already said that his company deals with computer repairs and website design; also they have some cool Drupal templates for those interested. The forum is dedicated to 5 topics, and if you have a question in each of these I’m sure Chris will give you an answer that will solve your problem in an instant.

–    Windows 7 and Windows Vista Topic
–    Windows XP Topic
–    Hardware Repairs Topic
–    HTML, CSS, JavaScript Topic
–    Drupal CMS Topic

These are the 5 topics Chris is an expert in and I’m sure he will answer any question you have. He has been in this business for a long time, so there are really only a few things he hasn’t seen so far. After all, if we judge a man’s knowledge we first look at his experience in the field, and he has a lot of it.

Well, I won’t praise him anymore, just go visit his free computer help forum and help him spread the word.