black hat seo penalty

Do you want to end up like this? Black hat SEO will help you do this!

Black Hat SEO is always a though subject to talk about, but at the same time a popular one. Let me say it clearly and let me say it loud so everyone can hear. Black Hat SEO is not for amateurs, if you are not an advanced SEO you shouldn’t even be thinking about black hat SEO techniques. But at the same time, some of the “black hat” tactics used a few years back are standard practices now, some of them were pioneers of SEO, but for the most part there are certain black hat techniques that should be avoided at all costs.

There is so much you can do to promote your website and increase your rankings and traffic these days that in my opinion it is a waste of time to try any black hat SEO at all. Just solid networking can get you great exposure and traffic as well as some quality links. Not to mention natural link building that comes with great content. Social media if done right can be a great source of traffic as well as links. If you are a blogger, there is not a single good reason why you should engage in black hat tactics as there are countless way to promote your website, you probably can’t handle all of them, so just don’t think black, it’s not worth it.

Larger companies may attempt some gray hat SEO techniques, and some may even go for the pitch black, but again, is it worth the risk? I don’t want to talk about the SEO techniques involved with the black hat world; my question is simple, is it better to risk it or play it safe and have a peace of mind?

I know that some of you are thinking that even if you do everything right there is no guarantee that the results will be there, so piece of mind is not much of a comfort. Well it is, if you do everything right and pit in some extra effort into great design, great content, promotions, link building, social media engagement, customer service, local availability, there is no reason why you shouldn’t rank high or get some targeted traffic. On the other hand, one wrong move can leave you stranded on a lonely island for months and months with no boat in site.

I know this Robinson Crusoe analogy may have worked for some of you, but for the rest that have something smart to add regarding sanctioned use of black hat SEO I have a few more things to say. First, don’t use Google as an excuse. They make mistakes, but they try, and they are such a large company that all of us in the internet industry depend on them, so they have a luxury of making mistakes, you don’t and that is a fact!

Next, spamming, buying links, doorways, cloaking or even keyword stuffing (do people still do that?) are all things that can easily be found out. The only question is if you get caught or not, but if you draw too much attention, like fast increase in rank or even SERP domination, you can be sure it will backfire on you. Other advanced black hat SEO techniques may be harder to see, but SEO’s know them, they know what they are; we can see them and so can Google, again, the only question is if they are looking for them.

I know some people say that there are black hat SEO techniques that are not black hat or are consider gray hat, and if you are not an advanced user it is easy to fall for that trick, especially if the SEO company working for you is selling you black hat without you realizing it, which is why I always say that every company needs to have a dedicated SEO consultant. The bottom line is that some SEO practices can be seen in all colors, depends on the angle, and we are not kids, people who know what they are doing will always seek the edge, and I applaud them, but there is a handful of people that can find new ways to push Google back, and most likely you are not one of them, so stop playing a badass and stick to proven search engine optimization and internet marketing efforts or you might find yourself in a stinky cesspool of bad sites screaming get me out of this s…