Another year has come to its end, a busy year for me and for most SEOs. All the updates that happened and all the changes we took during 2011 have considerably changed the SEO industry, and we need to be well prepared for the upcoming 2012.

Here are some of the changes we predicted will be important in the SEO industry in 2012: SEO Predictions and Advice for 2012 and also we like to thank our partners for a great business year, Dejan SEO and 123SEO.

As for our busy year, well, we did a lot, optimized a lot, met with a few new people and clients and we are going into the new year smarter, more experienced and inspired, to give you the same feeling here are some of the best SEO posts we had on our blog in 2011.

The Ever Present Debate – Linking Out From Your Website

The fear of linking out mostly comes from few SEO myths going around, like linking to sites can harm your rankings, can get you penalized by the search engines and can hurt your PR. While the PR claim may have some truth behind it when I put everything on scale linking out far overweight’s with benefits

Link Building Strategy Breakdown – Let’s get Link Building

When it comes time to build some quality links from real sites operated by individuals and companies we all tend to run away from it. Yes, it is much easier to build links with blog commenting and with article marketing, but if you want the links that will get you to rank you need real live links, and the only way to get them is to implement a proper link building strategy. In order to do that we are going to summarize what a link building strategy should have from the start to the end

Must Have SEO Link Building Checklist + Infographic

Like everything else, link building can be a very easy task if you have a good link building strategy in place, a plan. So with the checklist I had in mind, a simplified version for DIY SEO’s, you will be able to build links to your website quite easier. I also need to add that as I was finishing up this post and looking to add some images I stumbled upon another great infographic about link building that goes perfectly with this post and speaks of link building on its own. So enjoy the post.

Link Diversity – Link Building for Success

Link building is a valuable weapon in website ranking, so why do a half-assed job? Why do people concentrate only on social bookmarks, comments? Because it is easy right, but at the same time it gets us no results. With Google Panda in place we need links from trusted domains and from quality pages, in fact this was always the case, but now it is more obvious than ever. Diversifying your link profile is very important, so let’s throw a few tips regarding link diversity.

SEO Experts Answer – The Most Effective Link Building Strategy

Over the past few weeks we have been concentrating on link building as a center topic on this blog. I know some of you think the sun shines out of my… with my slick advice and all, but I thought it would be a good idea to offer insight from the top SEO’s in the market today for one simple question:

Linkbait Explained – Natural Link Building Through Quality

Linkbait is a term that we in the SEO business like to use very often. I noticed that there are tons of bloggers out there talking about linkbaits and linkbaiting but every so often I actually see a true linkbait from someone that isn’t already a linkbait in name, like Rand Fishkin or Darren Rowse, or websites like SEOmoz, Wikipedia or Mashable. From the last post you can see that most SEO experts will tell you one thing that Google always said, and that is quality content is the most important thing all of us need to work on. So when you think like that, your website can become a linkbait in time, just like the ones mentioned above, but this is an advice you can rarely hear.

SEO Process from Start to Finish – SEO Process Blueprint

SEO process can be different from company to company, but in basics it is one and the same thing. If you are an SEO or if you are planning a serious SEO campaign from start to finish then you do need to have a set SEO process that you will follow. Now we had our own SEO process, we improved it after partnering with Dejan SEO, so now we have a serious looking SEO process that works amazing. But remember, this is just the basic template for your SEO campaign, you can tweak it to your liking, but the effect and success depends only on your efforts and commitment.

Link Building Tip #3 – Link Consolidation

Starting each link building campaign relies on several standard practices, like checking competitor links, broken links, pursuing obvious link opportunities and also doing link consolidation. Now before we get any further, I am not talking about so called page rank sculpting, I am talking about getting the most out of your existing links in order to boost your rankings. A few mails, a redirect or two, changes to existing anchors and you can see some great results at the very beginning of your link building campaign.

Link Building Tip #6 – 20 Link Building Mistakes to Avoid

We all make mistakes, what is important is how we react upon learning of those mistakes, do we embrace them, try to correct them and learn from them or keep going at it thinking that we know the best. As SEOs we have to adapt to the changes, and the techniques we used a year ago may no longer work, so we need to adapt and change with the times and avoid mistakes. I have compiled a list of 20 common link building mistakes that are active now, some of them may change over time, but I think the ones mentioned here are pretty much evergreen, and you should avoid them in the future.

Improve Link Building with Proper Anchor Text Strategy

As far as link building goes there is no way you can account for all of the rankings that are going on. Yes you can build 15 quality links to your page and the rank of that page can still go down, there are many other factors that determine the rank of a page. But if we are certain of the quality of the page as well as the authority and relevance of the entire website than online promotion and link building should be our focus. So why do it half way? Here is how I do it by concentrating on partial match anchor texts, and trust me it works.

What is Bounce Rate – Improving Your Website for Better Conversions

Hearing about CTR, hundreds of ranking factors, as well as interpreting the numbers in Google Analytics can easily get people to turn their back on SEO and technical aspects and get them going only for content and social promotion. One of the most confusing things for most people is bounce rate. What is bounce rate and how to lower it? In plain words, how to improve your website, improve your content to keep your visitors on your website and of course achieve better conversions?

How to Organize Your Thoughts for Creating Content

When a piece of content contains a lot of mixed ideas and an unclear message overall, readers are left with nothing to take away from what they just read. Although time consuming and sometimes tedious, laying out the key points that need to be covered is crucial to ensure that readers grasp and understand the intention of the article.

These are some of the best posts that were published on Practical SEO blog that can greatly help you in the coming year with your SEO and link building efforts. Have a good read through and take notes.

On another note, we wish you all the best in the upcoming year and lots of fun during the holidays.