Most of what I will be describing here is based on my experience with adsense and what worked for me and why. In most parts it matches with what you may find in other adsense tutorials about adsense positioning simply because 90% of the users think alike and act in the same fashion, so the tips found here on how to improve your adsense revenue through adsense positioning are real and do work. We are not talking about some scheme or the way to get tons of money; we are talking about a statistical method that improves the number of clicks on your adsense ads, nothing more. We will not talk about how to drive traffic to your site or anything else; you can find that on the other parts of this blog.

So first thing I have to state is that the effect of adsense positioning is not written in stone. What I mean by that is that you will have to experiment with your blog. Start with what’s been shown here and then track your clicks and what ads get clicked on, that way you will know which parts to monitor and which to change. Every blog is unique, so the click-through will vary based on the content and the design of the blog, not to mention the adsense positioning.

The most important thing is to consider the adsense effect on your blog’s overall success. What I mean by that is that you have to think how the adsense and the positioning of adsense ads influence your readers in the long run, you certainly don’t want to exchange a few clicks for your faithful visitors, so think everything through before you decide. So, now that we got that out of the way let’s talk business.

Homepage heatmap
The first thing to consider is the blending of adsense ads, I mean you can position them anywhere you like, but you have to make sure they complement your design. You can surely place an ad in your header on the top of the post, but you have to consider how that will affect your readers, most likely it will annoy them.

Before you position your ads you have to think carefully about your readers, if you depend on them as another means of income you should focus too much on the adsense and it would be better to place it in the sidebar or somewhere away from the actual content, like you can see on this blog. I love my readers and I wouldn’t want to temp them with adsense ads placed in the content, well, not right now.

What you can do to increase the click-through of your ads and not disturb the readers is place the ads at the bottom of your post. I use a Skyscraper in the sidebar, which you might try and you can also add a banner at the bottom of your posts, you also need to consider a Leaderboard in your footer. These are all good places to place an adsense ad without annoying your readers. But if you want to get the maximum out of your adsense, then here is how to position your ads.



Google Adsense Positioning
If you really wish to make the best out of your adsense ads and get the highest click through than the first place to position your ads is near the header or in the header. Also adsense units that are blended with the content perform excellent. So, on your post you can add a large rectangle below the post, left or right that is wrapped with the content. Also, if you want to place the ads in the content area on your homepage you should consider adding link units between your posts.

This gives you a good idea of where to start and what to expect, the image to the left is the heatmap provided by adsense, the darker the area, the better chances your adsense ads have in bringing you some cash. The bottom line is there are a few places that surely increase your adsense revenue, but do you want to place your ads there? Think about your content and your users, how will that affect your visitors, in most cases people see an increase in their adsense revenue, but after a month their traffic starts falling down and so does the adsense revenue. Again, before you start changing adsense positioning on your blog, think your decision through.