Networking is a great part of being a blogger, that is a fact every blogger knows. A great part of our traffic comes from networking. A question I once read said – If you are wondering why you have no comments on your blog, think about how many comments you left on other blogs!

That says it all; there is no need to go into details, networking is important for every blogger looking to make a name for his blog and drive some traffic. So what is the easiest way to find other blogs and bloggers we can engage? Is it to search on Google? Maybe find them on Twitter. Well I used to start with Technorati, I mean is there a better place to look for similar blogs? No there isn’t, but in the end what we need are blogger communities. For those that are still looking to expand their networks and engage more bloggers I created a short list of 5 social sites, blogger communities, where you can find similar blogs and directly promote your blog and engage other bloggers. These are well known blog communities and I use all of them, which is why I can recommend them.

Blog Engage


Blog Engage is exactly what it sounds like, a place to engage bloggers, submit your articles and enjoy the benefits of guest blogging. This is a great fast growing community that will give you an opportunity to increase your blog exposure and the number of visitors. We all love free traffic, and Blog Engage can get you a solid amount of free traffic.

Blog Catalog

blog catalog

Blog catalog is very similar to Blog Engage, but you can have your blog RSS feed added which will automatically list every post you add to your blog directly to Blog Catalog. You can also add friends and interact directly with them and add reviews of other blogs and promote your blog at the same time. Blog catalog is a really great place that I warmly recommend.



Bloggers is my favorite; it’s pretty much the same as Blog Catalog. You can review other people blogs and add friends and follow people and blogs, but you can also vote for other blogs and bloggers. So your goal is to interact with our bloggers and promote your website here in hope of getting your blog highly voted with a good rating from the reviews, which can get you a fair number of visitors to your blog. So be sure not to skip Bloggers.



You all know what Com Luv is, Comment Luv, but some of you probably know only about the plugin and not about the community. Com Luv is also a great community with over 30,000 bloggers participating daily, one of the must visit places to promote your blog. My advice, start with a guest post.



Now most people will think that this is not a blogging community, well they may as well be right. This is more of a Digg like website for bloggers and SEO’s, Internet marketers as well, but it is a great place to promote your blog, unlike Digg where you can hardly get noticed, you can interact with other bloggers and traffic I am currently getting from SERPD is great. But, this is only for people in SEO, SEM, and Internet Marketing, well if you have an advice or two on your blog about similar topics this is worth checking out.

There are of course more communities where you can engage bloggers, like Arkayne or Blogger Buzz, or forums like Warrior Forums and SitePoint. There is no limit to how creative you can be in finding new blogging communities, I just started using IMFaceplate and so far it seems to be a great community, so you can check it out as well.

Hope this gives you a little idea on where to start. Remember the line from the beginning; you will receive the same amount you give, that is what networking is all about.