If you are new to online business you are probably thinking that you need more traffic to succeed, but the fact is that in order to succeed, you need targeted traffic. Targeted traffic and targeted visitors are more likely to buy something, subscribe to your newsletter or opt in for any type of service you offer as they already expressed their interest in your niche.

If you are doing the promotion and marketing yourself then you have a lot of work cut out for you, if you have some budget you can speed it up a bit and get more targeted traffic to your blog or website. So let’s talk about few easy ways to get targeted traffic to your blog that will increase the conversion rates and lead to more sales.

targeted traffic– The first thing you must do is research your market, you have to know your niche and the needs of your customers in order to successfully get them interested in what you have to offer. That means you need to have a targeted campaign that offers something your potential customers would want. To start you need targeted keywords for your keyword marketing, no matter what type of advertising you had in mind, research a few targeted keywords that will most likely attract your potential customers and go for article marketing or Google Adwords or any other form of keyword advertising. The bottom line is you need to have well placed and well targeted keywords in your advertising methods.

– Although submitting to search engine directories is nowhere near as effective as it used to be, if you have a niche website it is wise to submit your website or blog to niche directories and local directory listings. Many people actually look for products and services through these listings, maybe it won’t boost your rank, but it will surely get you some traffic.

– One of the methods I like to use is to advertise my blog on related forums. Forums are a great place to advertise a product and at the same time get to know your customers and people interested in your niche, great place to accumulate ideas and also a great place to make yourself known as expert in your niche so that people would visit your blog more often. Also, having a URL anchor text signature with your keyword won’t hurt you one bit.

– You also have the most typical way, article marketing. Write articles focused on a certain keyword with well balanced LSI keywords and submit them to various article directories, you will get traffic, a backlink or possibly more backlinks if your content is good and people syndicate it.

– Networking is probably the greatest way to get targeted traffic to your blog or website. Find related blogs to your niche and interact with the users by leaving insightful and related comments. After just a few comments on each blog you will see people taking interest in you and your own blog, this is the best way to help your blog and help others at the same time, don’t be afraid of some competition. In online business competition means that there is money to be made in a certain niche.

These are just 5 short examples of how you can drive targeted traffic to your blog. The only way to succeed is by having targeted traffic, and these are some of the easiest ways to increase your conversion rates and increase your sales. Don’t be fooled, these are just 5 ways, there are other ways, some free, some require money, but none of them is difficult if you are motivated and get your game face on. Remember, if you want to succeed and make money from your blog, you need targeted traffic.