Flipping websites is a task that needs passion.

For instance, you buy a website which has a great audience, at least a modest one. You aspire to increase the audience base and bring your website to the top! However, a few weeks down the line, you begin to lose interest. The pace of returns is slow and you are losing your patience. You begin to neglect the site and concentrate on other work. Your site in the mean time is losing its audience and its growth. Going form a site that had a few subscribers but happy ones, the site is doomed to be something that isn’t even popular.

The story is true in many cases where people don’t take flipping websites seriously. In a bid to capitalize on a growing site, people forget to add their vision to it, so as to enhance profits. So, here goes! Here are 3 tips that will help make more money when you sell your site:

1. Make Offers To Your Buyers

The same principles work in various walks of life. Make offers that attract people and make them see more value in your product. For instance, clothes on sale attract a great reach of buyers. Similarly, when it comes to websites, something like offering FREE maintenance, even for a short duration of time, is a good way to attract people to buy; your investment on the other hand is not too much.

2. Submit Your Website To Other Sites That Help Flipping

Once you have made your site, you need to sell it. This can be done by relying on one medium or source, or by applying to a couple of good sites. The chances increase when you have a reach to a greater market through various platforms and it’s sure to bring you a better purchase deal.

What’s The Scene On Flippa?

FLippa is a leader in flipping websites and hence, don’t forget to keep a close eye on what the scene is on Flippa. What are the websites available for purchase? What are their page ranks? What is the age of websites being bought or sold? Various other such questions should be monitored and answered so as to build a strategy that works for your deal.

3. Market Research Is A Must

Many people in the bid to buy and sell websites and in a hurry to close the deal miss out on great opportunities. This is simply because they don’t keep an eye on what’s happening in the market and which sites are performing on the SERP and SEO terms. From credits to designs – you have to be well informed.

List Of Prospective:

And while you are at researching and investigating the market, don’t forget to make a list of prospective buyers who could or would be interested in buying your site in the future. An exhaustive and comprehensive list of buyers can help reach the best of your work to the best people in the industry, who understand the value of your website and pay the right money!

These are external factors that you have to keep in mind while investing your time.
Also you might want answers to questions like:

Where Do You Find The Best Website To Buy, Improve and Flip?

And the answer is: You have to look with a keen eye. On the search engine, look for the topic of your passion and interest. Let the first 5 – 6 pages go by. These are sites that are already doing well. Skip them, go towards the end and look through sites that are alive. You will find sites that have scope for growth. In most cases, if the owner isn’t as interested in the site, he’ll be ready to sell. Make the most of such instances and build your site yourself! Flipping websites is only fun when you know you are doing a great job!