Google is ever changing, sometimes we pick up on those changes ourselves, sometimes Google announces those changes. Which ever happens first, we cannot fully understand all of them, and with soo much opions in the SEO sphere it is hard to keep track of facts and fiction in the SEO sphere, which is exactly why sometimes it is best to review what we know directly from the source. Altough Matt Cutts sometimes tends to give an answer that anwsers nothing, or it seems that way, some of his videos do explain a lot and should be a great resource for all of us. Here are 10 of those useful videos we should all review when in doubt.

  1. 301 Redirects

This Matt Cutts video discusses about the 301 redirects and the rel=canonical which several webmasters find confusing. 301 redirects and the rel=canonical are both important in search engine optimization and it is a good video for the beginners to watch in order to understand the difference between the two. Cutts recommends the use of 301 against the rel=canonical and at the same time emphasizing the benefits of using 301 and how to use it more effectively.

  1. SEO Myths

This Matt Cutts video cites a few myths about SEO such as the use of the same Java scripts on different websites, the use of one server for several websites, and the things that would happen after the content is published. He further added that having more than 2000 websites can be tricky and dangerous as compared to having just a few websites only such as limiting your websites by 2 or 3 which makes it easier for the webmaster to manage.

  1. Crawling links

This Matt Cutts video gives information about Google search. This is an 8 minute video and it is about how the Google search is working in SEO from crawling, analysis of the site, indexing, filtering, and frequencies. This video tells everything about Google that webmasters should know to help them in running their SEO strategies with link building.

  1. Google Terminology

This Matt Cutts video shares the terminology commonly used by Google. It cites information about index update, algorithm updates, and the data refresh and their differences. Cutts made a clear statement how these three are important for your SEO in Google. This video is a great opportunity for you to get to know the Google search engine better.

  1. Geographic Targeting

This Matt Cutts video explains the importance of geotargeting in SEO especially for those people who are working in different countries.  The video was recorded in 2009 but it is still not outdated. It is helpful for starters, most especially for those webmasters who are directing their websites to a particular place, for example a website about the directories in Singapore. Cutts will teach you how you could optimize the geographic targeting features that are available from the Google Webmasters Tool.

  1. What to Expect in the next few months from Google

This Matt Cutts video explains many things about SEO that will be helpful for starters. Cutts also explains the future of Google updates that will be coming soon in the next few months and will likely stay for a long term too. Webmasters should watch this video if they want to get useful updates about Google SEO directly from the expert.

  1. Qualities of a good site

This is one of the many Matt Cutts videos that helps SEO newbies to become more acquainted about the basics in Google SEO. It explains how the video XML site maps works and how it could help websites to rank better in the search engine. Information such as updating site maps, how a website is crawled by the Google algorithm, how to market and promote your website in Google, the proper use of tags and tricks on making your website more visible in Google are among the subjects discussed by Matt in this video.

  1. SEO as spam

This Matt Cutts video answers the question whether Google considers SEO as a spam. With this, it gives a brief background of the white hat tactics used by webmasters in SEO. They include the use of keywords, speed site, usability and many more. It lets the viewers understand that SEO is not a spam and it emphasizes how important it is for new businesses to know when to approach the SEO agencies.

  1. Google Webmasters Tool and Unnatural Links on your website

This is a Matt Cutts video that explains how the Google Webmasters Tool can help webmasters identify the unnatural links on their site that could significantly hurt their search engine rankings in Google. This is a video that every webmaster should watch in order to understand the valuable features of the Google Webmasters Tool in cleaning up their site from unnatural links, a great solution among business owners who are greatly concerned about the inorganic links that may be associated with their websites.

  1. Duplicate Content

This Matt Cutts video focuses on the duplicate content issue which is a common practice among webmasters. The video explains how hard it is to produce an original or high quality content as compared to duplicated or low quality content but emphasized the necessity of the former in order to rank your website better. It also explains how an automated generated content will affect the original content in the website and cites how keyword search impacts your SEO efforts too.

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