I have to admit that I don’t use too many SEO tools, there is handful of those I use, but that doesn’t mean that other SEO tools are bad. It is just that I am satisfied with the ones I use and there is no need for me to try new ones. From time to time I do investigate a brand new tool or certain updates to some well known tools, but it rarely happens that I switch from the ones I currently use to a new one. Also, please keep in mind that I have a premium account on most of these websites and I use full features, while in free mode there are certain things you will lack. So let’ see what are the best SEO link building tools in my opinion and why.

Open Site Explorer

open site explorer

There is a great number of SEOmoz tools, and all of them are great, but I won’t describe all of them, just one that will give you more than enough when you are starting or maintaining a link building campaign, and that is Open Site Explorer.

Unlike Yahoo site explorer there is no limit on the number of backlinks you can see for your website or for a competitor, given that you do have a premium account. When you run a search for any website the first thing you will see is the total number of backlinks for that page and the number of linking domains. I love this part as you can identify which domains you already have a link on and try to find new domains to get links from. Big number of links is fine, but a bigger number of linking domains is even better.

Next benefit is that you see the link anchor text, so no need to check manually. Going down you will also be able to see your top pages, their authority according to SEOmoz and the number of links pointing to that page, further down you can investigate your anchor text distribution, a very important aspect of link building. And to take a closer look into your link profile you can also see the nofollow vs dofollow ratio for internal links and links coming to your website.

Overall, SEOmoz offers everything you need for an SEO campaign, but Open Site Explorer is a definitive must for any serious webmaster looking to build better links and build them faster.

Ontolo Link Building Tools

ontolo link building


There isn’t much to say about Ontolo, if you are into link building you probably already use them and love them. Ontolo made their SEO tools for beginners and for hard core advanced users, so no matter your level; you can use their tools to their maximum capacity.

One tool you shouldn’t miss is Link Building Query Generator. This is your perfect SEO tool for starting a link building campaign, link building prospecting gold mine if you will. If you want to find link opportunities and I’m talking about any kind of link opportunity, this is the tool to use.

Start by entering a keyword, asset type which is news, content, organization etc… Next enter your opportunity type, which is guest post, directory listing or even sponsored links. And the last part is content type, you probably know that already but we are talking about blogs, forums, video sites and all types of website there are. So the combinations of link queries are almost endless and the number of link queries you will get is something to keep you occupied for a long time.

Overall, this is the perfect link building tool for anyone that has the time and the will to do real link building but doesn’t have the know-how on how to find link opportunities.

Majestic SEO

majestic seo


The last SEO link building tool has no need for introduction, Majestic SEO has always been one of the top link building locations for any SEO or webmaster and I do recommend getting a premium accounts there if you are serious with your online business. If nothing else, at least to monitor the link building campaign the way you should, and one of the most important parts of your link building campaign and that is link velocity.

Once you enter your domain or page you will be able to take a look at your most referring domains as well as your top pages. Also you will see the link velocity for the last month, a non-cumulative view, which is a graph showing links when they were built without adding them.

You will also be able to see the top links or the best pages linking to your website. This is a very important part as I always try to get similar types of links as the ones suggested as the best by Majestic SEO. This part will also give you an insight into the crawl ratio of those pages, more regular crawls is a sign that Google finds that page to be important.

Overall, Majestic SEO is very similar to SEOmoz, but I use both to compare data. Never put all of your eggs in one basket. Last thing you should definitely pay attention to are your top landing pages. This can help you identify the best pages to build links to and which anchors to use, or even for which keywords to better optimize your pages. Also, don’t forget to check your neighbors, as Majestic SEO allows you to do that as well.

Keep in mind that the best link building tool there is are you. Your ideas and your creativity are the only things you need to come up with new and powerful links as well as content, maybe you just need a little push in the right direction and some reading on the subject as well as some tools to help you start may be all you need to become a great link builder.