Quite a daring title, I know some of you are probably thinking about several other names that deserve a shot for the title, but this is from my own experience after trying at least 5 or 6 of the “top notch” email marketing software & autoresponder brands. It is hard to tell which one is the best email marketing software, but in the end it comes down to Aweber or MailChimp. I had good experience with Aweber, but I am currently using MailChimp, had a change of heart recently and decided to give it a try, after all, it is a bit more cost effective than Aweber.

I know most people think that Aweber is the top and that the competition is really for the second place, but that is not true, MailChimp has come a long way and is now really a great email marketing software to use and I warmly recommend it to anyone. Just the list of their partners and the available integrations should be enough to tell you about their quality, but to give you a better insight here are the short reviews for both email marketing software brands from my personal experience. Of course, this is all presuming that you already know the benefits and the necessity of email marketing in the online industry.

Aweber Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing $19/Month!

This goes for both of the email autoresponders, in fact, it goes for every email autoresponder, if you have more than one website or work in several niches you must have an autoresponder set up or you will never succeed, this is a fact. I’ll try to keep this short as possible.

Aweber is number one in one thing for sure, and that is the delivery rate of its email marketing software which they claim to be 99.34% and based on my experience they are short on numbers. I used them for almost 2 years and 100% of my mails got through, so fact number one is that you can always rely on their service to deliver.

Another great thing about Aweber email marketing software is the customization of your email marketing campaigns and emails in general. It is an understatement to say that it is top notch, and once you get a hang of things you can create the most amazing emails and email newsletters that will increase your conversion rates.

One thing I fell in love instantly with Aweber was the tracking they provide, they give a very intuitive and easy to understand tracking stats that you are going to love.

One thing I only heard, not used it myself so I cannot vouch for this, but Aweber customer service is highly praised, so I will take that as a good sign. In the end a company is good as much as the customer service.

So what do you have to look forward to are the unlimited lists, automated tasks, personalized emails and a chance to increase your ROI if you do everything right.

The downside is obvious like with any new software, there is a learning curve you will have to master, it can be hard in the beginning, so I suggest going through all of the tutorials offered by the Aweber. My advice for both Aweber and MailChimp is to use the first few days to get to know the interface and the functions, once you feel comfortable you can start creating your list and campaigns. Another downside to Aweber compared to MailChimp, especially if you are new in the business, is the fact that Aweber has no FREE trial, while MailChimp has an exquisite free offer, so let’s switch to MailChimp.

MailChimp Email Marketing Software

mailchimp email marketing software

One thing that I love about MailChimp email marketing software is the fact that it looks and feels like fun. It certainly takes out the chrome feel most of the autoresponders will get you; it is attractive and quite refreshing, which in my book is a plus, but in the end it has nothing to do with you actually going for their service.

A great feature that MailChimp offers is the SPAM filter, what it does is that it scans your email in 16 different email clients so you know that your mail will go through to their inbox and not SPAM folder, one advantage over Aweber, because their mails tend to go to SPAM from time to time.

The greatest benefit of MailChimp is the ease of use. Once you login you will be given a tour that explains everything, and personally it took me far less to understand MailChimp than it took me to understand any other email marketing software interface.

Also a great feature is the fact that you can use your own HTML templates for the design of your emails, opt-in and landing pages, you can even download their software that will make creating your emails and templates a piece of cake.

They also have a great customer support, which is a characteristic of any serious company. What I don’t like about MailChimp is the tracking part, they fail to deliver some of the most important stats I need, like conversion and undelivered mails. Luckily they offer integration of Google Analytics, so if you know how to setup up your analytics goals properly you can track the conversion easily.

So I guess that the biggest difference between Aweber and MailChimp is the tracking, Aweber’s tracking is better, but on the other hand MailChimp is very easy to use and setup. And yeah, MailChimp offers free trial for up to 1,000 people on your list and 6,000 mails sent, so you can surely make the MailChimp pay itself in the time you have to pay for something. It gives you plenty of room to create your list and start increasing your profit, which is the top reason I recommend it to new marketers in the online business.

So there you have it, two top notch email marketing software brands today in my book, both have their great sides and only a few downsides. The bottom line, if you are an experienced blog and website owner that knows how to use and how to profit from email marketing campaigns your best bet is Aweber, if you are new in this business and not sure how things work, but you wish to increase your profits without investing at first, you should go with MailChimp.