We are starting our transition from Red theme to Thesis theme, please be patient until we get everything back to normal and running at full speed with the Ultimate WordPress Theme.

EDIT: End of day one. We are having some issues with the custom edit menu so we have to edit the CSS manually. Also there is a curious problem, probably something wrong with our server, it seems that Thesis won’t crop the thumbnails automatically, but we have to do it manually for each picture! Please hold on for a bit more. Thanks.

We managed to lose the navigation this time!!! So we had to re-install the entire theme. It want be long until we get it back on track to where we were, but we still need to figure out a few things. It’s either that or editing the entire CSS, which more and more sounds like a good idea…

PS. This is off the subject, but have you noticed that recently there has been an increase in spun comments. I mean SPAM is SPAM, but do these guys really think someone will go for their spun comment when we trash general comments as soon as we see them? C’mon guys, put some effort to it, it will be much more beneficial for you if you take the time to read the article and post 10 comments a day then to post 1,000 spam comments from which you might get a link or two!

September 11 – Well, we got the theme working, it’s not completed yet considering the design, but it is more than functional. You will see a few more changes in the future but nothing you should be worried about. Thanks for being patient.

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