In the last month or so I have been fighting my own war against spam. Well, most bloggers have to deal with spam all the time, on some days I would get about 20 spam comments on other I get hundreds of spam comments. It is really annoying, in fact what is annoying is that I have to go through spam comments because sometimes real comments will be placed in SPAM section and I wouldn’t want real visitors to suffer because of that.

Stop SpamNow I thought I should write an appeal to the SPAM convention and plead to Matt Cutts to officially ban the SPAM. Heh… if that could be done they would have done it a long time ago. I guess when people wouldn’t make comment plugins and comment software we would deal with much less SPAM, but things are how they are. What I really don’t get is the people using them, is it really worth their while to send generic comments to thousands of blogs that won’t get approved and will get their IP blacklisted? Common, these are newbie mistakes!

I for one delete all generic comments like “great blog”, “cool article”, “keep up the good work”. If your comment doesn’t have anything to do with the article above it, I will delete it. The purpose of comments is clear, please add some value to the page and don’t comment just for the sake of commenting. I mean most of the bloggers have gone to KeywordLuv and enabled do follow comments to encourage comment value, so far it is working on a limited community of bloggers. I’m guessing it works on those who have KeywordLuv enabled on their blogs.

spam-commentsI know that a limited number of people will read this, but the ones that do read the full article will agree with me and I know who they are, these are the guys that contribute to their community, the ones that spread the value and show love, on top of my mind three names pop up that I found recently very active and supportive, Tia from BizChicksBlogs, Lawmac from Lawmacs Web Design blog and Mark from TheBitBot Blog. Everyone should be like these guys, creative, supportive and comment relevant!!!

So please, stop spamming, spam doesn’t work anymore, not like it used to a few years back. We are all tech geeks in the blogger world, those that aren’t know how to read, they know how to recognize real comment from spam, so stop buying those stupid comment software rip-offs and start contributing to the community.

Please support me on this guys!