SEO Habits, Social Networks and Tools – SEO Case Study #4

The final part of our SEO survey included some basic questions to get into the mind of the SEO’s that took the survey. The questions were intended to see what were the most used tools for SEO purposes, which social networks were mostly used for SEO (this was prior to Google+) and what type of content are these people most likely to link to.

Which of the following SEO tools you use the most?

Which SEO Tools People Use

This was more or less expected. Webmaster tools are the most used tool for SEO purposes, and not only the most used, but they constitute over 50%. Don’t let it confuse you, this is not what people use, but what they use the most, so my guess is that 90% of all webmaster use webmaster tools and analytics, and the other 10% should start using them too.

But we have SEOmoz tools at number 2 with 22%, which is amazing; number 3 is taken by “something else”. That sounds spooky, but there are tons of tools out there and it is no wonder that a solid number of people just tend to use something they find useful. Raven tools and Majestic SEO are not used that much, which is a real shame as they have some great tools.

Which social networks you use the most for your SEO efforts?

Social Networks used for SEO

We already said that this survey was done prior to Google+, so we weren’t able to include them in the results, but we will update this as soon as possible. In this case it falls down to Twitter and Facebook, we can see that people tend to use Twitter more, as it gets shared easier. Facebook is great for business, but it requires more time and money invested to see results from it. People on facebook share too much private information to feel comfortable with all the promotions going, so that puts us in a bit of a tight spot from time to time.

LinkedIn is used quite a lot, which is great for business and brands, I was surprised by this percentage. On the other hand, Digg and Delicious are slowly fading away with each passing year, no surprise there. I guess in a month or two when Google+ becomes available to everyone we will see three sites going for the first spot.

Do you link out and if the answer is yes, what type of content you usually link to?

What do Poeple link to


Nothing new here as well, a regular guy will link to anything on the web he likes or finds useful, or in other words, whatever has quality. So preferred type of content that some people like to brag about, it doesn’t exist, it can be an article, a video, an infographic or a tool, all that matters is that a user likes it and finds it somewhat useful.

As you can see people are most likely to link to resources and how to’s than they are to link to videos and other media. This just goes to show that internet is an informational highway and we are all seeking knowledge, so offer something useful, something interesting, the form, well, choose the one that is most sought after in your specific market, but mix it up. Offering both a slide and a video is not a bad idea, and creating a graph to show off your data can also go a long way. There are so many ways to present one thing, why not use them?

  1. Contrary to most of the SEO world, my usage of social sites has been steadily dropping…mainly because, for me at least, the traffic doesn’t seem to be as targeted as what you get in terms of organic SEO.

    For me, if it can’t be automated on the social networking front, i don’t use it any more.

    What do you think, Zarko?


  2. I’m more of a manual worker, I love to use social media and interact with people, which is why I get targeted visitors through social media. Some part definitely needs to be automated, but interaction should be personal, that is the only way to break trough social media front and get something in return, that is my humble opinion.

  3. Well I personally use webmaster tools to check the status of my website and about social media, I use facebook to increase my sales and to promote my business.

  4. I actually prerfer share useful links with Twitter or Linkedin, i mean Facebook for other things less serious. I try to organize my contacts and info in a different way between the Social Medias.

  5. I am a bit surprised that Twitter is used for SEO more than Facebook. As for the rest of the material it is obvious and it is 100% true.

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    The most important thing one should do is to spend time socializing. I know it takes a bit of time to socialize but people aren’t likely to pay attention to you and your sales messages if they don’t know you.

  7. Facebook is the top networking site but as Anna feels I also find it a bit surprising that when it comes to promoting business everyone talk only about twitter. Whichever the preference, business has never been better and social media is an effective tool.

  8. Feels strange to see Majestic Seo so low in the list, i thought this was right up there with SEOmoz. At least i’m using it daily. Maybe the problem is the (lack of) notoriety it has compared to SEOmoz, else i don’t know why more people aren’t using it.