You had an idea; you did some research, wrote a few articles and created your WordPress blog. You also did the first step in promoting your blog which is to create social media accounts. So how do we promote our blog? That is the 4th step of our How to Start a WordPress Blog 5 Step tutorial and we will get over it very quickly.

Promoting Your BlogLike most of the things in this tutorial I will try to keep it very easy to understand by keeping to the basics. Now I did a search on how to promote a blog and I even found a post saying 99 ways to promote your blog. What I found in that post were 99 places where you can promote your blog, not 99 ways to promote it. There are only a few ways to do so, one is obvious as we discussed it in our previous part of this How to Start a WordPress Blog tutorial, engaging in social media.

But before we list a few ways and direct ways to promote your blog I need to say one thing, you are not Mashable, you are not Coca Cola, you are not Facebook, you are a blogger and you don’t have insane amounts of funds to promote your blog, nor do you need them. What you need is patience; you need to promote your blog one step, one post at a time. This is how we promote our blog, with each new post we will do one or more of the following, it depends on you.

ways-to-promote-blogSo the first way is obviously social marketing. We created our social media accounts, but this is far more complicated than what you may read on some blogs that say get a bunch of Twitter followers using this tool and you will be king. It’s not about the number of followers, which can come in handy, but it is about the number of engaged followers. You need to engage your followers, help them out and show on every social media platform where you have an account that you are someone who knows his stuff and is willing to help and share, and not just promote his own business. This is a part of building your own brand.

Networking is my top method of promoting a blog, it always has been. I mean the power of social media is great, but nothing can compare for small bloggers who are just starting out like networking. It will take time and effort to establish yourself and your presence in social media, but networking can get you instant traffic and instant recognition by the community. So go for it. Comment on related blogs and post in forums offering useful info and free advice, in no time you will have plenty of people visiting your blog daily.

Article marketing is also a great way of promoting your blog and it is free, but if you can I would suggest going for guest posting. It is a great way to grab the attention of the readers by guest posting. Find the perfect blog with good amount of traffic with readers interested in your topic and give them your best performance.

Of course there is also advertising, but since we are talking about bloggers just starting out I will skip this step and keep it to the bare minimum regarding your investment in your online business.

If you are not sure where to start you can always find the best blog or website in your niche and analyze it. Learn the methods of that blog for success and follow them implementing your own personality. By doing something we all know works and adding a bit of ourselves in the process we can create a truly useful content of great quality which will make it much easier for us to promote our blog.

This is it, not so hard, but it takes time and effort, and most of all dedication. Passion and dedication is what blogging is all about. The next post in our How to Start a WordPress blog series will be the last one, how to keep your blog alive. I think you already know what we will talk about in the wrap-up post, but be sure to check it out once it’s published.