Now that you have finally completed the SEO basics you can make the most important decision regarding your site and its success, will you opt for home or do it yourself SEO or will you hire a professional SEO service to do that for you. This is a question every website owner has to ask himself if he is planning on making something out of his site. Each side has its benefits and advantages, so let’s see the pros and cons of going with professional SEO services and do it yourself search engine optimization.



Let’s first focus on the advantages of professional SEO services:

First of all professional SEO service will have years of experience in the field and will understand everything in more detail. They will be able to predict to a certain point the results you may get in SERP and they can understand the fluctuation in rankings that happens sometimes.

The second benefit of professional SEO service is the fact that the years of experience brought them plenty of contacts over the years, so they know and can use the help of professional in other fields like article marketing, press releases etc. Most of professional SEO companies have all of that in their offer, so you can expect them to handle everything from on-page to off-page optimization, article marketing, press releases, directories, distribution, linking, bookmarking, CSS and design and of course correcting HTML. Practical SEO has all of that; the reason is to provide a full service for website owners in one place, which is another benefit of such companies. You don’t have to outsource everything from different sources; many companies offer the whole package.

Professional SEO services know how to assess the website and the niche, so they will be much more effective in link building as they can easily find the communities in the same niche from which they can link to. They can recognize if the content from another site is suited to get a link from and they will get it, on the other hand they have expert writers that can create optimized content for your website and for your article marketing.

A professional SEO service will locate a problem with your site immediately, so any HTML issues, problems that are causing indexing mistakes, low ranking or even penalties from the search engines will be dealt with. This is one of the skills that is very hard to develop over years and one of the biggest reasons why you should choose professional SEO service if you have the resources to do so.

The last benefit of a professional SEO service is the fact that they will save you plenty of time and they will speed up the process of the search engine optimization. Professional companies will always provide much better service than you could in a shorter amount of time.

Well these were the pros of a professional SEO service, let’s look at the cons:

The biggest problem with hiring an SEO firm comes with choosing the right firm. There are just too many unprofessional SEO services out there that can destroy everything you worked for. Most of those companies offer a quick solution to everything, or in other words, they practice black hat SEO. The tactics of such a firm often include spam and manipulation, plenty of aggressive tactics that will do you more harm than good.

Many of these so called professional companies will promise and promise, they will promise absolute link exchange, while in fact they are linking from link farms which will get you banned or penalized from the SERP. Another thing is that you can notice the ability of most such companies just by looking at one of their articles, there are still some of those that actually try to optimize an article for search engines, stuffing keywords in them. Remember, you need to optimize for the users, which will get your ranks up in the SERP.

My favorite line when it comes to fake SEO companies, guaranteed rankings! I can tell you straight on, if you hear that words coming from an SEO expert; run. There is no such thing as guaranteed rankings, that isn’t possible. Search engines are always updating their algorithms, so unless you hear that directly from Larry Page you should find another firm. There is no such thing as secret techniques, there is just knowledge that can be implemented, and this stuff changes all the time, so a good SEO firm needs to be informed of the changes at all times.

So that’s it for professional SEO services, let’s look at the benefits of do it yourself SEO, or DIY SEO:

Do it yourself search engines optimization offers you complete control of the SEO related to your site. You won’t have to wonder who did what and when and for what reason, you are at the head of the Starship and you run the show.

You will be able to learn as you go, learn from your actions and from your experience with the SERP. And trust me when I tell you, this is something that comes quickly to those who devote themselves. You will have responsibility for everything done on your site and related to your site, so you will be responsible for the success of your site or its failure. Well, this may be a con and not a pro; you won’t have anyone to blame but yourself.

One of the greatest benefits of do it yourself SEO and the reason why people choose home SEO instead of professional SEO firms is the cost. DIY SEO will save you money, well that is if you consider your time to be less expensive than hiring an SEO professional, which in most cases is. The top SEO firms charge a fortune for their services, but in some cases it takes a fortune to make a fortune.

Now you are ready to make your decision and actually start the SEO process. There is a middle option, you will be doing the actual work yourself, but you can hire an SEO consultant to analyze the site and prepare for you a detailed course of action and other useful advice. The price may go to several thousands for this, depending on the site, niche and of course the company you hired. But my suggestion would be somewhere between $150 and $500 for a site analysis is an acceptable costs, of course the price depends on the site and the niche.

This is it for the SEO basics, there is still much to learn, this is just to get you started. One thing that you should know by now is that SEO is a learning process for all of us, for you as it is for me as SEO changes fast. My advice, join the forums and keep in touch with what is happening in the SEO industry, I strongly recommend Warrior Forums as they are the best source to learn and get advice from. I will make a list of Useful SEO Resources you can use; in the meanwhile you can expect to start seeing new content in the Article Marketing Section soon.