We covered the SEO basics about making your site good, full of high quality, easy and understandable design layout and everything necessary for your on page optimization. The next step is reaching out and promoting your website in order to make it popular, in order to attract visitors and to rank high based on organic link building and other SEO methods. Search engines can notice when a site uses artificial link building methods, so you don’t want to do that. The only way you will rank high is using natural and organic link building.

So link building in itself is important for rankings, but it is also important for bringing new users besides the ones we get from search engines. It’s all about quality promotion, again, quality over quantity. Yes we need a number of links to grow in popularity and authority, but we need more quality than quantity at first.

Website Popularity

Website Popularity

The ultimate goal of Practical SEO is not necessarily ranking number one in search engines, which you will, but making people want to visit your website. All of the best sites in each niche have less than 40% traffic coming from search engines, which means 60% comes from where? It comes from social media sites, bookmarks, links etc. That means you have a status as a well known and popular site and search engines will automatically rank you high based upon that. So the idea behind this Practical SEO method is getting traffic from all possible sources, by aiming for the real visitors at all times you will ensure that search engines like you at the same time. So again one of the Practical SEO principles, always aim to please the user.

The first task all of us in online business have to tackle is building an online community, and this is not an easy task at all. But that is our goal, that is out task and we need to accomplish it, we need to create a user base that will turn into a full community. But that is hard to do for a niche site on its own, therefore you should create a blog, a forum or another multi user system where people can gather and share information related to the niche you are in.

When you do manage to create such a community you can expect plenty of people linking to your site, blog, forum or wiki. Building a community is the holy grail of backlinks and SEO, so try to make that happen as soon as you establish your site to run at full capacity.

Great ways to promote your website and directly influence the mainstream of your niche are press releases. Not only will you be spreading your presence throughout the web but you will be making quite a number of links, as many of the press releases sites offer do follow backlinks. I will create a tutorial on how to write a press release as this is really something of its own. Writing a press release is not like writing an article. You have to write it in a specific manner from the title, to the opening and closing of your body, you also need to provide certain information in the press release. Failing to follow through on the requirements will result in your press release not being approved by the PR sites.

But besides growing your tentacles online you need to focus on developing a personality, personality of your website. The idea is simple and we already covered it partially. Get busy on forums, social media sites and any place where you can find topics on your niche and provide sincere and honest contribution while making a connection to your website and promoting it.

I always start with forums, and it takes me a week to get noticed by everyone. All you need to do is follow my example, post few times a day on the most viewed topics providing real answers and real contributions, don’t spam. I mean how much would you hate if someone spammed your forums, and it will happen, so don’t go around just posting links. You won’t get far with that, you will be banned and if you don’t give something of use no one will notice you and no one will follow your link.

And the last part about promoting your website is trying to grab some of those sweet highly competitive keywords. Now this is really a hard thing to do, even the best sites have problems with it and they spend thousands and thousands of dollars on SEO and advertising campaigns. So how do you gain a top 10 rank for a highly competitive keyword?

Well, like we already covered before you should start with long tail keywords and less competitive keywords at first. Once you get your site off the ground and you start getting a decent amount of visitors you can start going for the high competitive keywords. Now this will not be a walk in the park, and you need to consider that this is really a long term project. Search engines give acknowledgment to older sites with old links and they consider them authority, so a brand new site can’t just grab a spot in the top ten. But there is a catch, like we discussed earlier, there is no need to get all of your traffic from search engines, again, focus on the real people, organic traffic. Build a list of your highly competitive keywords and use them on the forums, blog sites and other social media sites. Use them as your anchor links, when people do follow those links search engines will notice and people will remember. With that you will get the chance to speed up your rank with highly competitive keywords.

This is it for promoting your website; the next part in Practical SEO we are going to cover is the last part of SEO basics, SEO Basics Conclusion, SEO the Practical Way.