List of 30 Do Follow Websites to Submit Your Articles

I thought long and hard on how to start the article marketing section, explaining how to write an article is basically what every other site will offer you as their first article marketing opening. But since the last article I posted on Practical SEO was about useful SEO resources I thought it would be a good idea to post another list of useful resources, a list of 30 do follow websites where you can submit your articles.

Before we get to the list let me just explain one little thing. For the true beginners it is probably confusing why you need 30 do follow websites to submit your articles as one will do, you probably think someone will like the article and syndicate it, so you will get a free link. If that was the deal than all of us would write one article a day and watch the money roll in, unfortunately that rarely happens. And even if it does happen you might just find out that the article was syndicated without your link or your resource box in it. In better words, you can’t rely on others; you have to do the work yourself.

Do Follow Websites

Do Follow Websites

Now here are two very important things to remember, first never spin your articles if you know what spinning is. That is a BS scheme made up by someone to try and save time. If I want to save time I will outsource, I won’t spin my articles, because you get BS articles that no one will read and no one will follow your link. And we are not just building links here; we are trying to drive organic traffic to our site with these articles. The other thing is the list of 30 do follow websites, do follow is only for Google, let me explain.

Other search engines like Yahoo or Bing will index your site no matter what attribute you put, “do follow” or “no follow”, while Google made their algorithm specifically not to follow “no follow“ links. Now, remember, Google is grand and almighty, but you will get at most 40% of your traffic from Google, so don’t dismiss other search engines. I have seen too many people make the same mistake, never submitting to websites and article directories that have no follow attributes for their links. If you do that you are locking yourself in with Google, and that is what they want, but that is not what a person that wants to make money online need to do, embrace the little guys and you will see how much traffic they can send your way. But, since Google is Google, this list of 30 do follow websites is so you would know where to put your focus first, other article directories and blogs will also serve their purpose in the long run.

30 Do Follow Websites

1.    Ezine Articles, from the top of my head this is the first and the best article directory online, if your article is published you will see the results, trust me. Ezine articles are the top of the chain in the online article industry.
2.    HubPages, I know many would place number two to be also one of the fine article directories around, but from my experience the number two should and is going to HubPages. The greatest community to submit your articles and also a great place to build your links, if you stay active on this site it will pay off.
3.    Squidoo, a very similar site to HubPages, you have all the options that HubPages offer, maybe even more, but I just don’t sense the love for Squidoo as I do for Hubs.
4.    Blogger, of course there is always Google and their little toys. You can create a blog here and the best part about it is that it will always get indexed fast, which is the reason why many of us use Blogger, the alternative is much better.
5.    WordPress, the mentioned alternative. Now WordPress is my personal choice of platform, free, easy to use, great plugins and great way to customize and optimize your website anyway you like. Well, in this case we are talking about where you can create your free blog just like with Blogger.

Before I go to number 6 I can say that I have no desire to either rank them or tell you which one is better, the rest are just the rest, they have their purpose but none of them stands out specifically. But, seeing that this is a list I will try to rank them according to my positive experience with them.

6.    VOX – Update, VOX has closed down its doors. Sad day…
7.    LiveJournal, never could quite get Live Journal as no one there is writing a journal, it’s all shameless promotion as almost everywhere else. Well, Xanga is like an exception, but Xanga is not mentioned here since they are “no follow”, wait, I just mentioned them, didn’t I?
8.    Tumblr, now this is really a good place to blog, if you can connect with people there this is a golden mine for backlinks and traffic.
9.    Blog, or, it says it all. This is a WordPress powered site so it’s easy to use and easy to customize, just my kind of site.
10.   Gather, this is a site that really resembles HubPages, although it will be ten times harder to make people to follow you for some reason. Based on my experience I can’t imagine why the site would be called Gather!
11.    MuBlogs, Update, MuBlogs has shut down.
12.    Netcipia – Update – Netcipia is no longer available.
13.    SOSBlog, this site is giving me a headache lately. When I started using it they were “do follow”, then they switched to “no follow” and now they are back to “do follow”. Don’t be surprised if you find it “no follow” by the time you get there.
14.    Blogster, another cool blog site that offers you the insight of other bloggers so you can connect.
15.    Aeonity, I’m new to this one so I’m still getting used to it, but so far it looks cool.
16.    Go Articles, now this is a great articles directory, I really don’t know why it didn’t pop up sooner, I’m using more blogs these days than article directories.
17.    Article Dashboard, obviously an article directory.
18.    Amazines, another article directory.
19.   Article Rich, another article directory.
20.    Isnare, a good article directory.
21.    Sooper Articles, yet another article directory.
22.    Article Click, guess what this is!
23.   Info Barrel, now this is what I’m talking about. Somehow I managed to avoid this site for quite some time, but I like it more and more each day.
24.    Article Slash, guess what?
25.   Articles Factory, slaves, other are writing articles for free and they are earning from it. Just kidding, this is a solid website you should use.
26.    Upublish, another one. I won’t say what because this page will have over 10% certain keyword, which would not sit well with the Google!
27.    ACME Articles, I only wish Coyote will catch that bird for once.
28.    Article Bliss, another one.
29.    Multiply, cool blog site, also a new one to me, but I like it so far.
30.    Bloguni – Update, Bloguni is no longer available.

And here is a bonus, number 31.

31.    MyBlogSite, it’s not my blog site, it’s someone else’s blog site, but it’s a good blog site.

There are a few more in the online sea but this is more than enough to get you started and overwhelmed with the amount of work ahead of you.

So, before we get to the article marketing and how to, you are all set and ready to start creating your profiles, which is the first thing you need to do if you want to deal with article marketing. I hope this list of 30 do follow websites helps. After all, this is practical SEO, and we are here to give you a practical way of doing things that work.

  1. Great post, but I don’t use blogs to promote my content. I tend to use article directories and article distribution programs to capitalize on the domain strength and trust the well established article directories enjoy like ezinearticles.

  2. Article directories are a must, they are also good for quick indexing and quick ranking boost. But blogs also have their advantage in the long run, by establishing your own blog on a different domain and posting relevant content to your own you will get a relevant backlink, and over time that backlink will have more and more value.

  3. Good article. Thanks for sharing.
    Well, one or two from your top 5 on top not my favorite blogging now.

    I prefer blog that can allow you fully customize your ads provided you have great content. This apply to Squidoo despite it’s beautiful graphic interface to build a nice lens.

    Blogspot is a great for displaying Adsense but you have no full control as oppose to with many nice pluggins plus a great volunteer forum support.

    You left out another nice blogging site, ie.Weebly. Weebly as good as Blogspot. Give it a try.

    You seem to love WordPress as I do. That’s nice.
    Have a great and beautiful day

  4. @Thenexttrillions, thanks :) I don’t care about dds because this is not intended for adsense, these are articles to create backlinks, share content and promote your business, that is why I created the list, so I didn’t pay any attention to customizable ad blogs.
    And I didn’t leave out Weebly, No12 is Netcipia and there I stated why I don’t like Weebly, Wix and similar sites.

    Thank you for the post

  5. Nice list of sites for any niche marketer to add to their infrastructure. Now imagine the kind of juice you could get if you just posted a couple articles at each one of those.

    You could rank for a lot of long tail keywords.

  6. [email protected] on

    Hi! Zarko,
    Thanks for the lovely post.Good list to post the articles for improving backlinks and get a good rappo. :)

  7. A list of TOP niche marketer to add to their infrastructure. Now imagine the kind of juice or backlinks we can get if we can submit some articles in this list.

  8. Hi Zarko,

    Using any or all of these as a part of a web content strategy is a great idea. I use HubPages and EzineArticles, and have reaped the benefit.

    I agree with you about Squidoo; it’s cool, but there’s just not as much of a love there as there is on HubPages. In fact, I think I first was introduced to you over at HubPages. You are there, too, right?


  9. yup, you are right Tia, I think we first met at HubPages and I’m glad we did :) I think we also found each other on Twitter before connecting with our blogs!

  10. Thanks, I know that most newcomers are looking desperately for do follow blogs, but they are looking in the wrong places, this is just a short list, but these are all high authority websites, so that compensates on the number I guess :)

  11. Hi Zarko, I read your article. Its Tremendous. Thanks for sharing this very useful post. Great list of do follow websites. I am using some of them but some are new for me.

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  13. “but you will get at most 40% of your traffic from Google”

    I think it really depends on the site. For many of my niche sites, including the “milwaukee condos” site I’m working on, the percentage of Google traffic is close to 80%.

  14. thanks for these sites these are better than squido and all others coz they have not cool sites like this thanks so much

  15. I made my website dofollow too for 1 reason. First i’d like to give something and second in this way i’ am sure people will not comment like ” hey good entry” to have the dofollow link.

    I think “do ut des” is very important. The comments on blogs are importants, and this is a good way to get good comments.

    Best regards mate


  16. You seem to have updated point 12 above, so there’s now no mention of why you don’t like Weebly. I’d like to know as I’ve seen it recommended a lot.

    Also I believe Live Journal is now nofollow.

    Do you have a specific way you link back from these sites that you prefer? I’ve seen it done a lot of ways. I’m thinking maybe have three of them pointing to the article on your money site, and then 2 or 3 others pointing to each of these three (or maybe to 2 of them), but not to your money site. And vary which points to which. What do you think?