Link building is a valuable weapon in website ranking, so why do a half-assed job? Why do people concentrate only on social bookmarks, comments? Because it is easy right, but at the same time it gets us no results. With Google Panda in place we need links from trusted domains and from quality pages, in fact this was always the case, but now it is more obvious than ever. Diversifying your link profile is very important, so let’s throw a few tips regarding link diversity.

Let’s first use the link profile scenario to explain the importance of link diversity. Google loves natural link profiles, which are backlink profiles of sites including backlinks from plenty of different root domains with various keywords, or none at all, to various pages on your website. A website with 100 links from 100 domains will always outrank a website with 100 links from one domain, but there is also an issue of pages linking in. So let’s see what natural link profile that will get results with your link building campaign should have.

link profile diversity

link profile diversity


What Contributes to Your Link Profile Diversity:

–          Number of linking domains

We already mentioned this one, but this is a fact. When we build links we should not concentrate on quantity, but it is an important factor. Getting new root domains to link to you will significantly increase your rankings.

–          Types of linking domains

Type of the domain linking to you is also important, and we are not talking about relevancy and topic here, we will get to that next. We are talking about different type of sites, like website directories, article directories, blogging websites, blogs, government or educational sites, ecommerce sites, wiki sites, social networks, and so on. So we need links from various types of website as well, it tells Google and other search engines that our website is loved by various types of websites and that makes our website link diversity rich.

–          Topics of linking domains

Topic, relevancy, connection, a very important factor. We all know that if we have a gambling website that we will have a more valuable link from a sports website than from a movie review website. Unless we are betting on which actor gets which role. But the bottom line is that no website will have only relevant links, there are always a few stray ones, and that is not bad. If you get those kinds of links its fine, meanwhile you concentrate on every related topic you can get your hands on, the more diverse the better.

–          Anchor text

Anchor text is another very important thing that adds to link diversity of our website’s link profile. You know how important keywords are for rankings, but using only your keywords for links is not natural to search engines. People usually link to you either with the exact URL or the title of the post, only a few will use your chosen keyword unless you are directly responsible for that link. Don’t be afraid to mix-up your anchor texts, that will only help your website rank and look as bigger authority to search engines.

–          Deep Linking vs Homepage links

We talked about deep links before; we know that it is important. Another reason why it is important is the link diversity. When someone find a great post on your website they are not going to link to your homepage, they will link to that page. So you also need to spread your links throughout the website to make it more natural and to strengthen your link profile. This is a basic link building strategy.

Link profile diversity is essential for successful ranking in search engines and traffic increase. Just building links from repeated domains to one and the same page using the one and only keyword you wish to rank for is not natural and will not get you to top. If you want high rankings you will concentrate on your link building the way you should, create your link building plan and get going, of course keeping link diversity, relevancy, and most of all quality in mind.