SEO beginners make one mistake over and over again, they optimize their website and think that they have finished their SEO campaign and give no second thought to keyword marketing and keyword advertising. Well, SEO is an ongoing process as we already stated a few times. That also goes for your keywords, if you want to make the best out of them you have to work on them.

keyword marketingKeyword marketing and keyword advertising are not simple processes, but they aren’t too hard, both of these processes need to be worked on, you can’t just do them once and forget about them. The only way to succeed with your blog or website is through constant work on your keyword marketing and keyword advertising.

Keyword marketing is something you probably understand, everything from article marketing to blog commenting falls under keyword marketing. Any way to get your keyword as anchor text linking back to your website is considered as keyword marketing. Keyword advertising on the other hand is 99% of the time not free, it involves PPC ads and other forms of advertising using your keywords, but both of the processes are needed in order to make the best ROI for your online business.

When going for keyword advertising and keyword marketing you need to have a plan, we already talked about having an SEO plan and why it is important, the same goes for keywords. The plan of your business is what will determine your success in the long run. Maybe you want to go for traffic for a certain keyword or maybe you want better conversion rates, I say go for both by making a different goal that surrounds both of these.

If you go for traffic you will get a few conversions, high traffic is something we all want, but what we want even more are high conversion rates, that requires more targeted campaign. So think about your business and what you consider to be your goal:

–    Opting for your mailing list
–    Selling a product
–    Getting a click on your ad
–    Filling out a form
–    Subscribing to your site
–    Commenting on your post
–    Registering for a paid membership

These are just some of the examples of what your goal should be, based on that you can create a more effective keyword marketing and keyword advertising campaign. Using both keyword advertising and keyword marketing together will bring you the best results, but how to get the traffic and conversion rates we talked about? It all leads to one single thing, targeted anchor text that leads to your specifically designed landing page.

One mistake most bloggers and web owners make with their keyword marketing and their advertising campaigns is that they fail to create a good landing page or point all of their incoming links only to their homepage. Well, most websites create their homepage to be a good landing page, but those that don’t lose on the conversion. The landing page needs to be clear and concise; it needs to have a good call to action if you want to increase the conversion rates from your traffic.

article marketing success landing pageAn Example: if you are targeting “article marketing success” as your keyword in your keyword marketing campaign and your keyword advertising campaign and your goal is for the visitors to sign to your newsletter the best type of landing page should have a quick list of things they will get when they opt in, a good call to action, and a subscription form. (Look at the picture to the left)

There is no point in having your keyword marketing going to waste if your landing page is the homepage where you don’t have a subscription form and people have to look for it on the website, that way you will lose a great number of conversions.

You see how a simple plan can get you the best out of your SEO efforts. By having an SEO plan and a goal for your business you will be able to target the right audience in the most efficient way. Don’t just promote your blog empty and toss your keywords around thinking that you will rank high and get plenty of traffic which will result in you making tons of money, it doesn’t work that way. If you want to make money you have to plan ahead, and one of the most important parts of any SEO plan, of any online business plan is efficient keyword marketing and keyword advertising followed by a targeted landing page that will get you closer to your goal.