This is the last part of our 5 step tutorial on How to Start a WordPress Blog. We already covered the basics like doing proper research and getting some content up and also doing the social media stuff and promoting your blog. These are all the things you have to do if you want to make your blog successful. In the last part we will not be making a recap like most of you thought, we will concentrate on things that are essential to keep your blog going until you achieve success. Of course, the already covered tutorials are important to remember, so keep them in mind.

blog successBefore we get to the point I just want to say I’m sorry for not posting the past week, my work schedule has been rather merciless and I really couldn’t find the time to post or visit the usual blogs. So back to the topic, keeping your blog running and achieving success.

We already covered a great deal of what is needed to make your blog successful. By providing useful and valuable information and content you are one step closer to constant readership from your visitors and the chance that someone will want to link to your blog. So keep that in mind when you sit down to write something. Don’t just post for the sake of posting, every single line you write can be considered as linkbait, so always go for quality as this is the only way that you can expect someone to like your blog, return to read and maybe recommend it to someone else.

Don’t obsess yourself with keywords. As you can see from all 5 parts plus the introduction part of this tutorial there is no keyword spamming, in fact there is almost no repeating keywords at all. Focus on quality, 20% of your success depends on your ability to produce quality, 80% depends on your ability to market. So stay in touch with other bloggers, comment, spread the word of every post using social media accounts that you created and keep people around you informed. Provide a subscription form and grow your list gradually, no need to but a list.

But how do we actually make our blog develop over time into something successful, I mean what we are talking about here are the basic things. Even though they are basic most bloggers fail at one or more, so by keeping to what we talked about here you will ensure proper placement in the SERP and in your readers bookmarks. So again, how do we develop our blog, we develop by learning.

You can learn plenty from more experienced bloggers, so read up people. Go to ProBlogger or SEOmoz blog or other related niche blogs you are interested in and learn from the people that are authority in their fields. Embrace a few things that work for them, try to copy their success, but keep it unique and add a touch of self. The only way that your blog will stand out from the sea of other blogs is to add a touch of self.

The rest is not so hard; we need to change a few things every now and then. By monitoring our analytics and trends we can go back to things that didn’t work out and make them better, constantly optimizing our website on page and off page. But we need to be patient; I already said that the reason why most blogs fail is because only a number of them survive through the first year. You can’t expect great success in only a few months of work, keep your goals in mind and work on achieving them.

blog analyticsRemember this as my last advice to all of you looking to start a blog or optimize an existing one. Don’t be disappointed if your blog starts to go down, this will happen sooner or later, trust me. In most cases it happens after three months or half a year. Your blog simply can’t move up all the time, it can come to a halt or even lose a rank and some traffic, but that is all the more reason for you to keep working on it. Investigate; find out what is wrong, if anything has led to this. Maybe it was the inconsistency with your writing, which is my personal problem with this blog, maybe it is something else. Find out what it is and avoid repeating that mistake. And if you don’t feel interested into writing anymore or you simply don’t have any ideas, relax a little, take some time off, it will come to you, never try to force it out.

I hope this sums up our How to Start a WordPress Blog tutorial nicely. I like to thank all the people that have been visiting my blog and this tutorial and I would like to apologize once again for keeping you waiting so long.