Rankings Through NetworkingWe all know the benefits of networking. By being a part of a community and constantly giving something of benefit to that community you will be known as an expert in your niche, you will get plenty of followers, bottom line you will get targeted traffic, which is great. But how do you rank for a certain keyword using networking?

This is what we will address today. Most of the bloggers have no clue about what I am going to explain in this post, and that is because most SEO experts don’t want to share this tactic because it can be confusing, and also because most of them aren’t aware of this as well. The reason why this is confusing is because it relies on search engines alone, this is not something you can plan from the start effectively, you can try, and you can have success, but in the end it will be a gamble to start this tactic from the start and rely on it for success. So what is this mysterious tactic I am talking about that will increase your keyword ranking in SERP and uses networking as a tool?
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Long introduction, well I’ll start with a question. When you were looking at your analytics stats, whether that is Google Analytics, GetClicky or any other tool, have you noticed that you are found through queries you haven’t optimized for? Or have you noticed that you rank for certain keywords that you also haven’t optimized for? We all have those, some of that comes because we don’t write optimized posts and search engines interpret our content a bit differently than what we expected, but most of the time your keyword ranking comes from other blogs and websites where you have a link to your website.

One thing that not everyone will tell you openly is that not only your anchor text keyword counts towards your keyword optimization and ranking in SERP, but also the relevancy of the website and the page where the link is placed. Example:

You have a 6 month old website, all of the stats are already beginning to show accurately, and here and there you start to notice a few keyword you rank for but haven’t used them in your posts, but when you think  about it they make sense and they are actually somewhat relevant to your blog.

That happens, now it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a fruit of your networking, it may mean that you simply overlooked something, or that search engines see those keyword relevant to your website, so this is the time to investigate. You can’t rank for a keyword based on one link or two, so if you have a new blog you can easily track your comments and through search find the ones that are really relevant for that keyword. Now, you have to do two things, first decide if you wish to rank highly for that keyword and will that bring you anything, so think long and hard. Two, if you do want to rank for that keyword, find the blogs that started this trend and keep forcing them a bit, but without spamming and always try to provide real useful info and find other blogs relevant to that keyword and comment and guest post on them as well.

Like I said in the beginning, this is hard to plan for from the start, but if you find those keywords later in the game this is a great way to easily achieve a high ranking for maybe a great keyword with great traffic potential. Why is this great, because you already rank for that keyword without effort, you optimized for other keywords and by some chance you ranked for this as well, so if you let that go to waste you are a novice that doesn’t realize a good opportunity when it hits him in the head! If you do capitalize on this you can move on to the next step, profiting from your blog, and what do you need to profit from your blog? Targeted traffic of course.

If this is confusing feel free to leave your questions in the comments, also feel free to leave your opinions on this wait and see method that I used a few times with solid success I might add.