Google Panda Infographic

Here is a great and direct explanation and attractive visualization of the Google Panda update. We all love infographics, I do more than most people, so I can’t resist posting a good infographic when I see it.

The infographic was sent to me by Carlos Vidal Paulinich from AttachMedia. Thanks Carlos.

The visualization of the Google Panda update is very simple in nature, but for most of this should suffice as it tackles three basic principles of fighting the mean Panda:

– Improving the visitors experience
– Create exceptional quality content
– Avoid excessive and spammy advertising

This is more then we need to know to make our website work. Well, for massive sites a good thing would be trimming down the size of their index and getting rid of empty, duplicate and meaningless pages, but for a regular blog, a few updates here and there, some refreshing of our old posts and doing everything we can for the future of our blogs is more than enough.

Again, thanks Carlos for sending me this Google Panda visualization. Please help Carlos by sharing it.

  1. That’s a mean infographic. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like I’m seeing more and more of them these days…

    It’s pretty incredible how Google really forces everyone into focusing on the user experience (as they should be anyway). Makes me wonder if SEO will become obsolete someday replaced entirely social media and content managers.

    I definitely agree with the part about excessive advertising – something Ezine and article directories were (still are??) guilty of. I did a small case study, hardly empirical, looking at ad ratios on a few of these sites – I linked to it in my keywordluv link.

  2. The users positive experience is the key. No business can survive without its customers. The competition is not sleeping. Myspace learned it the hard way. We shall see what will happen in the future.


  3. Thanks for the inforgraphic which is the best way for me to preceive information. It is obvious that Google Panda gives us a challenge which is the best motivatio to work hard to promote a site in a quality way.

  4. yes it a great infographic that and puts the main points of the panda update across well i do think the changes google are always making are for the better of the web so i encourage them and its always interesting to see what around the corner, thanks for sharing this post

  5. This is a great infographic which helped me to understand better the information. Anyway, in my opinion Google does good things for the web and I really think that Panda will be a great help for its users. But … let’s wait and see how it’ll be.

  6. AWESOME infographic. I think the vaguely sinister expression the Panda has on its face is spot-on… Panda has totally wrecked a number of reputable sites and I kind of picture it in my mind as having a mean face like that!

  7. Hey Zarko. Wonderful infographic information. Google Panda is the center point for every webmasters. You always come with some marvel infographic information. Can you tell me how you find such infographic or you yourself create it? Because it is really nice.

  8. Good Infographic. It really shows us what the Panda update is all about. Also, i’d like to add that Mandatory pages are part it. You did mention about me page is necessary but you missed privacy policy, terms of agreement, earning disclaimers, and contact us. Keep up the good work!

  9. Hi Zarko,

    I think if you have a unique content on your website, there won’t be any problem about this panda algorithm. Thanks for this wonderful infographic though. Will visit here again.

  10. Hi Zarko,

    I don’t understand much about the Google Panda algorithm but I have noticed that when it finally came out, a lot of sites have been downgraded because of poor quality content. So I guess content matters most to stay on top.