Here is a great and direct explanation and attractive visualization of the Google Panda update. We all love infographics, I do more than most people, so I can’t resist posting a good infographic when I see it.

The infographic was sent to me by Carlos Vidal Paulinich from AttachMedia. Thanks Carlos.

The visualization of the Google Panda update is very simple in nature, but for most of this should suffice as it tackles three basic principles of fighting the mean Panda:

– Improving the visitors experience
– Create exceptional quality content
– Avoid excessive and spammy advertising

This is more then we need to know to make our website work. Well, for massive sites a good thing would be trimming down the size of their index and getting rid of empty, duplicate and meaningless pages, but for a regular blog, a few updates here and there, some refreshing of our old posts and doing everything we can for the future of our blogs is more than enough.

Again, thanks Carlos for sending me this Google Panda visualization. Please help Carlos by sharing it.