Wherever you look, whatever SEO blog you open and whatever news page you open all you see is Google Instant launch, Google Instant is here, is SEO dead, this is SEO doomsday and so on… You get the picture.

Google Instant

Google Instant

First of all let’s see what Google Instant can do. So far it can “predict” what the user is typing, let’s say you start with “A” the first things that are going to pop up are Amazon and Apple, big deal. I even heard people suggest that this will move things for the SEO community from tail to head, again, rubbish. Everyone is yelling and screaming that Google Instant is the death of SEO because now we can’t predict the end result of the search and no one will see the web the same again.

OK, so here is the deal. First of all this will not move us from long tail to head, yes there is the possibility of going for the short keywords, but we all know how hard that is. So how will that change the things as they are now? Amazon is number one, Apple is number one, I couldn’t care less because I’m not the one doing SEO for them, not that they need it. You see this doesn’t influence most of the people online, nor the majority of SEO community as this only affects search results related to one word keywords and we moved onto long tail a long time ago. I mean once you start typing the second word or third the choices are endless, so if I type “the end” Google will say “The End of the World”, “the end of men”, “the end lyrics” but what I really wanted was “the endless night”. Dumb example, but it shows you how this won’t affect long tail search as the combinations can be measured in millions once you get to the third word.

Plus, I won’t even start with how stupid this was from Google, as I type everything start moving around, it’s distracting! Plus, people look at their keyboards while they type, most of the guys won’t notice this until someone tells them that there was a change! And of course, who knows how much all of this Google Instant stuff is going to change in a month or so. So please, to the entire news network and the screaming guys, half hearted SEO’s as well, stop crying and yelling this is the end of SEO, it’s not. I mean how many times have we heard that before, every year there is something that calls for the end of SEO, maybe that is what Google is supposed to suggest when I start typing “the end” as this is the most common phrase in the last 24 hours and I don’t see Google showing it, so Google must be broken!

Please, I beg you, stop with the “Death of SEO” and “SEO is no more”… Let’s see how things turn out, as I see it, this won’t affect us much, not as the things are now. Google is just showing off, this is not a major change. Well, that is my opinion, feel free to express yours!